Funny Christmas Wrapping Paper with Santa, Unicorns, and Rudolph

I’ve always loved interesting objects but there weren’t many around me when I was growing up in communist Romania. And then one day I happened upon a bookmark made of a film strip, with a red margin crocheted around this strip. I looked at the images on the strip, and they were some images from a film. I couldn’t make much sense of them. And then one day many years later I looked at this film strip closely again, and read the tiny bit of text in the various negatives. And I saw it was the same image and the same text. And the text was something along the lines of “Whatever you do, go to hell!” It gave me a jolt. To this day I have no idea what the deal was with that film strip. I mean, why would you choose that bit for a bookmark?! (And who speaks like that, anyway?) I’m thinking maybe the person who made the bookmarks just randomly worked on many such strips.

Anyway, I was reminded of this little story when I started creating new designs for Christmas wrapping paper this year. In the past I focused on cute and elegant giftwrap, but suddenly I realized kids—and adults as well—would really enjoy some humor on their holiday gift wrap, and not only on their Christmas cards! Of course, I was going to be cute funny, unlike that strip. But the lesson was there. Kids and adults love to discover objects, and find unusual things in them, and Christmas giftwrap can be one of these objects.

First, they could discover their name on the paper itself rather than on a sticker, so I created wrapping paper with a personalized name. Then they could actually find something funny to read on the afore-mentioned gift wrap—so I created Xmas paper with the text “Ho ho hoh dear, what a year! Here’s to a happier one!

In terms of color, I tried silver-gray and green-gray, but they didn’t do anything for me as Christmas paper. So I then turned to red and green.

Also, in terms of surprises, Santa’s sleigh is pulled by a unicorn. Kids, especially girls, love unicorns these days, and the unicorn has always been associated with Christ, so why not a unicorn then? Kids should exercise their imagination. And if you’re not religious, a unicorn can just be a cute, magical creature—which it is 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy them 🙂

Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links, at no additional cost to you. I am a Zazzle Associate and designer, and I earn commissions when you buy products through my referral links. All affiliate links on this blog are identified as such. Here’s my Full Disclosure.

Cute Santa and unicorn Christmas wrapping paper, with the funny line "Ho ho hoh dear, what a year!"
Cute, elegant, and funny personalized-name Christmas wrapping paper, with Santa, a unicorn,
and the text “Ho ho hoh dear, what a year! Here’s to a happier one! (affiliate image link)
Modern, funny personalized-name Christmas wrapping paper with Ho ho ho dear, what a year, Xmas bells, holly, and snowflakes
Cute, modern, funny Christmas giftwrap with a unicorn pulling Santa’s sleigh, the funny line
“Ho ho hoh dear, what a year!” and a personalized name (affiliate image link)

I always get new ideas when I’m writing these blog posts, so I’ll make some versions with just Santa as well.

Okay, here’s a green version with Santa. If you want the red version, just choose the red circle on Zazzle. The two versions will be bundled together like that into one product image, and you can switch between the color versions, and choose the one you want.

Cute, modern personalized name Santa Claus giftwrap for kids. With Santa in his red hat and costume, golden Christmas bells, holly, snowflakes
Cute personalized-name Santa Claus wrapping paper for kids.
With golden Christmas bells, holly, and snowflakes (affiliate image link)

And now one giftwrap with Rudolph the Reindeer saying “Oh deer, what a year!” A humorous Christmas wrapping paper for both kids and adults!

Cute, funny personalized Christmas wrapping paper with Rudolph the Reindeer saying "Oh deer, what a year!"
Personalized Christmas wrapping paper with Rudolph the Reindeer and the modern classic
“Oh deer, what a year!” (affiliate image link)

If you are more traditionalist, though, and want a cute but sedate design, and you prefer to have the personalized name on a sticker rather than printed on the giftwrap itself, I have that too: a rather minimalist wrapping paper with just a unicorn and “Merry Christmas!” (affiliate link). (I’m posting it as a text link because Pinterest sometimes picks the last or next-to-last image, or some other random image from the blog post, and I want that image to be one of the funny ones this post is about.)

And then for kids and adults who prefer a busier design, I have one with Christmas trees and the unicorn pulling Santa’s sleigh on a simulated-green-glitter background (affiliate link).

For those who prefer personalized elegant designs, I have a few of those too. Here they are, in another post.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s presentation. If you found anything helpful, I’d appreciate a pin/share!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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