TT: Hemp Seed Hearts for Magnesium and Other Health Benefits

In Today’s Tip, some things for you to consider and discuss with medical professionals:

One ounce (28 grams) of hemp seeds (I suppose they weigh them dehulled) contains 300 mg magnesium, which close to the DV for magnesium (420 mg). And if we’re stressed out and overworked, we may need even more, as stress depletes magnesium. And then with less magnesium than we need, we’re bound to feel stressed out. It’s a vicious circle. And magnesium is important for heart and other muscles, bones, and the brain, and, in some cases, to help lower blood pressure, among other things.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical or health practitioner, and no part of This Blog, or the websites and products I mention and link to on This Blog, is intended as professional medical or health advice, and should not be considered as such. Consult with your doctor(s) about starting any course of treatment, taking any supplements, or changing any (dietary, exercise, etc.) routines. Note that natural supplements and even some foods may interfere with certain medications. Here are my Full Terms and Conditions.

For a long time, I took Mg effervescent tablets, but as I’m trying to take as few natural supplements as possible, I looked for ways to get my necessary magnesium intake from foods. And after trying various nuts and seeds, I finally decided to go, almost daily, with hemp hearts for this purpose (I use three quarters of a spoon, but I should probably go down to a teaspoon), even though as with walnuts and other nuts, and as with other seeds, hemp hearts contain a lot of vitamin E as well (77% DV), which is a blood thinner. Vitamin E also interferes with some drugs. But vitamin E is important.

One problem with some natural supplements, when they don’t make you ingest tons of one nutrient, is that they come with a combination of minerals, vitamins, micronutrients, and other components. The omega-3 supplement I take, for instance, comes with 100% DV of vitamin E—which I don’t want, because I’m getting more than enough vitamin E from my food intake. So now that I decided to eat hemp hearts almost every day, I’ll have to look for another omega-3 supplement.

But could then the ideal be to eat fish like herring, sardines, or salmon every day? I remember how back in communist times here in Romania there was a slogan on billboards, “No meal without fish.” Of course, fish with every meal is too much, but some experts say that eating some fish almost every day can be a good idea for most people. Again, though, these experts disagree, because too much protein is a bad thing—and then the fish can be contaminated with mercury and other substances.

And to compound the issue, an ounce of hemp seeds contains 18% DV of protein! But they also contain 8% DV of fiber, 34% DV of zinc, 41% DV of phosphorus, 22% DV of iron (beware, though, of 140% DV of manganese), and other nutrients, including lots of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, all the essential amino acids, and many antioxidants. Then linoleic acid, which can help reduce cholesterol. And hemp seeds may also help you lose weight. I haven’t seen studies about the latter, but some websites argue that hemp hearts can increase the metabolism and suppress the appetite. And they, of course, contain healthy fats (mainly) and fiber, so a bit of hemp can work as a healthy snack that can make you feel full on very little food (but lots of nutritional value). You can mix it with yogurt or oatmeal, for instance.

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So I leave you to ponder these things.

Organic dehulled hemp seeds from Eaton Hemp
Organic hemp hearts from Eaton Hemp
(affiliate image link)

To a happier, healthier life,


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