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Cute Unicorn New Baby Birth Announcement Cards

Here are some photo collage cards for new parents: new baby birth announcement cards with a magical unicorn next to a newborn in a bassinet—with versions for various skin tones. Forget the stork that brings new babies. I much prefer the unicorn, especially one with red and golden glitter in its mane and tail, as the one in these illustrations. I created them with the help of a two very skilled illustrators after being very … More

Some thoughts on the game of tennis and of life

Sascha Zverev badly injured his right ankle at the end of his second set with Rafa Nadal in the Roland Garros semifinals. I’ve seen so many top players get hurt like that, right when they were making the most of their talent, training, and physical preparation. Clay, especially humid clay, can be so treacherous, and so is striving to be a little more than what you’re prepared for, especially when you’re riding a good wave. … More

Art, Psychology, and Forks in the Road

I was listening to a radio show recently and the guest, a very accomplished painter, was criticizing artists who go at it without a clear notion of what they want to create. Okay, but isn’t life like that too? Don’t we have to adjust to the meanings and futures that open up in our path? It would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it, to hold to notions we developed as children or young adults, so then why … More

Customized Logo Stampers for Business or for Fun

I was reading the book Sparked yesterday, and it turns out I’m a maker passionate to learn in order to create. It’s what I do, indeed. These days I was creating custom logo stampers for people and getting asked about the various sizes of templates posted on Zazzle. So I thought I’d create (here’s my magical word, not that I didn’t pine a little for “nurture” as well!) some stamps with template images of standard … More

Motivational Nature Photo Posters with a Customizable Serenity Prayer Quote

There’s a thing about posters with nature photos that is uplifting on its own. And then when you add an inspirational quote, the poster gets to a whole new level of compelling. The thing about the Serenity Prayer is, you don’t really wrap your mind around its words the first time you read it. Maybe not even the tenth or hundredth time. I noticed that with other, more involved, Christian prayers too. The Serenity quote … More

Thoughts on Serenity at the Beach + Decorative Pillows and Inspirational Fridge Magnets

Come summer or when revisiting memories of summer, it often feels to me that there’s no place to soothe away the worries of your life like the beach. Whether it’s an empty beach inviting to meditation or one crowded with people, the splash of the ocean or sea waves usually manage to take your thoughts away on a journey, or simply plump you firmly in the moment, in a place where you are only aware … More

Say Congratulations for Your Degree with Funny Graduation Cards and Mugs

It’s that time of the year again, when so many grads are throwing their mortarboard caps in the air in glee at having completed a course of study, whether that be a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, a PhD, an MD or JD, or something else. Despite all the hoopla with online learning, traditional schooling still matters quite a lot, first and foremost because the student gets to interact with professors and colleagues in a way that … More

Kitchen Gadgets for Mothers and Foodies in Your Life

I was browsing various gifts for foodie moms on Amazon, thinking some of the busy-bee mothers out there would enjoy some them. Here are a few that spoke to me. But before, a word of caution: most women, even the most hardworking housewives, would rather be spoiled on Mother’s Day—possibly with dinner, or chocolate and flowers, or maybe even just a thoughtful card and a funny custom mug—than sent back to the kitchen with a … More

How to Make Better Decisions in Life Faster. 21 Tips

There are so many reasons people are indecisive! They can be ambushed by their emotions when it comes to trying something new after many failures, or by their perfectionism if they mean to get their lover the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and feel the choices they have are not optimal for their lovers, and for what they mean to convey . . . they can have anxiety at having to choose from several good options … More

Some Unique Ways to Say I Love You, Mom (and Second Mom) on Mother’s Day

Mothers are a blessing in this world, making the latter a little better as they give of their love, transformed by caring for another completely, not only to their children but also to friends and strangers. True, moms can also be difficult, but then again, mothering is really hard, and a mother never ceases to become one once her children are grown. They get ready not only to become grandmas, but also to help their … More


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