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USB stick for TV with an art gallery of 500 paintings (Ultra High Def!)

So . . . I wanted to go out today, but because my detox regimen requires lots of steps and I’m behind on organizing some things, I decided to do my errands tomorrow and Wednesday. But more about that (and elements of my detox regimen) later. For now I wanted to write a small post about something that fired my fancy on Amazon: a USB stick with 500 ultra-high-def paintings! Now that’s something to rotate … More

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s great that there’s a Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Unfortunately we eat together as families so rarely these days, and we also spend very little time thinking of giving thanks. Which is why I appreciated the suggestions in an article on Thesaurus.com. Okay, if you ask me, saying “I appreciate you because you took the time to do [this or that]” can feel too verbose and overwrought. (I’m sure many counselors will disagree with … More

And now for some different posters for Christmas: Love a little better, love a little more

Somewhere in the whole hullabaloo of the holidays season I forgot to promote some photo posters with a message well attuned to the spirit of Christmas, even as they are not meant only for religious or spiritual people. These posters are titled “Love a little better, love a little more” and come with the words, “Keep your heart awake, Your mind open, And your spirit determined. And have faith.” I’m thinking they would make great … More

Trendy Funny Mugs for Christmas Gifts. Coffee Humor and More

I’m looking to see which of my items are popular this holiday season, and I’m surprised that people are going for all sorts of items and not so much for Christmas-themed ones. Come to think of it, though, I, too, often gave mugs as Christmas gifts at one point. But then again I’m a fun-mug and cute-mug person, and when I started designing on Zazzle, mugs were some of the first types of products I … More

Lift-Top Coffee Tables with Storage Compartments

I’ve always believed in designing smaller pieces of furniture with the help of a carpenter, but some furniture items these days are so well-designed and selling at such good prices, they’re impossible to beat! I was looking at products to give hosts at Thanksgiving and happened on some lift-top coffee tables! I really like them and they can be handy in the bedroom as well, if you want to have a quick peek online on … More

Glass Mugs and Lidded Cups with Straws, and an Amazing Teapot

I’ve become very drawn to glass recently, replacing one of my favorite kitchen trays with a borosilicate glass one, among other things. I also really enjoy glass mugs. Part of it has to do with the fact that I’m a tea fiend and I love to see the tea through the mug. It just adds so much to the sensory experience. Luminarc, a brand known for its high-quality products, has a nicely designed mug at … More

The Institution, a Devised Theater Performance at TNB

The 32nd edition of the National Theater Festival started here in Bucharest yesterday. It will last until next Sunday. Among the performances, a performance put on by students graduating from the Theatrical Pedagogy master’s program of the National University of Theatrical and Cinematographic Art in Bucharest. It was called The Institution, it was a devised theater performance, and it dramatized stories of children in institutional care. Actual stories. First of all, the performance was amazing. … More

Cute Animal USB Charger Cable Protectors

I love it when the market comes with solutions to problems big and small, like damaged chargers. Many of my data charging cables are frayed and repaired with electrical tape, and they’re still coming apart! I’m reading you can mold this putty-like thing called Sugru around the damaged end of the cable, but it’s not cheap and it’s hardly fun, if I may make a pun. So I’m all for these cute animals to use … More

“Meaninglessness is a blank canvas”

Andrew, one of the writers on Wise & Shine, wrote a magnificent small post recently, titled “The Horizons of Meaning.” It begins with the sentence “Meaninglessness is a blank canvas” and goes on to talk about how lack of meaning alienates while creativity allows us to embrace the world and draw richness from it. Here’s Andrew’s post. It made me understand in a flash why some people I know are not happy. It’s because they’re … More

Wacky Cute Personalized Name Christmas Socks with Santa and Rudolph

I love socks. They have to be special. But I rarely find any with patterns I enjoy! So this Christmas I decided to take advantage of the new arrivals on Z. (quality all-over-print socks) and create some Christmas socks myself 🙂 I wanted to make my designs both cute and funny, so I chose images of Santa and Rudolph that spoke to me in that way. Not something out of vintage illustrations but rather fun … More


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