‘Tis the season for personalized wrapping paper

If Santa brings your children personalized letters, it makes sense, doesn’t it, that he also brings them their gifts in wrapping paper with their names on it. Consider their joy at being able to find their name their, especially if they’re little ones, who have just started to read.

It is for that joy that I created these happy designs with Santa, in a sleigh full of presents, being pulled by a beautiful unicorn, a stand-in presence for the divine. You could use reindeer, of course, but the unicorn has long been associated with Jesus Christ, and I find this idea of a unicorn pulling Santa’s sleigh quite charming myself. Your kids can learn that besides reindeer, Santa also has a magical unicorn. Little girls, in particular, will be enchanted with that thought, just as they may already be with all things unicorn.

Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links. I am a Zazzle Associate and designer, and I earn commissions when you buy products through my referral links, at no additional cost to you. All affiliate links on this blog are identified as such. Here’s my Full Disclosure.

Red Christmas paper with a unicorn pulling Santa's sleigh, a tree with baubles, and lots of snowflakes. Personalize with a name
Personalized Christmas wrapping paper with Santa, a unicorn, a tree with baubles,
and lots of snowflakes (affiliate image link)
Christmas wrapping paper with Santa, a unicorn, snowflakes, and a personalized name
Red Christmas wrapping paper with a unicorn pulling Santa’s sleigh, a tree with baubles,
and many snowflakes.
You can personalize both the name and the greeting! (affiliate image link)

Here are some more designs of personalized Christmas decorative wrap, with and without snowflakes. Note that I have two illustrations with unicorns. In one of them, the flying horse has red and golden glitter (simulated) in his mane and tail.

Christmas gift wrap with unicorn, Merry Christmas, a name to be personalized
Personalized gift wrap with a snow theme, with a unicorn and the greeting “Merry Christmas,”
along with a custom name (affiliate image link)
Minimal gift wrap, with Merry Christmas, name, trees, and Santa with unicorn
A simpler design: Santa, unicorn, Christmas trees. Merry Christmas, name
(affiliate image link)
Santa, unicorn, trees, and Merry Christmas on a blue wrapping paper with lots of snow
The same design in blue and with snowflakes (affiliate image link)

Oh, but I also have Rudolph! I have him on pre-cut sheets of gift wrap and on wrapping paper rolls. Both versions have virtually the same design: Rudolph, the greeting “Merry Christmas” in a modern, cursive font, and a custom name in caps (so it can be easily read by little kids).

Gift wrap pre-cut sheets with Rudolph, Merry Christmas, and a custom name
Personalized sheets with Rudolph the reindeer, Merry Christmas, and a name
(affiliate image link)
Red Christmas wrapping paper roll with Rudolph, Merry Christmas, and a name
Red gift wrap with Rudolph the reindeer, Merry Christmas, and a name
(affiliate image link)

I also have personalized designs with gingerbread figurines. Here’s one with a snowman, Christmas tree, Santa, and a few snowflakes, along with a name to be easily customized.

Red gift wrap with gingerbread figurines, the "Merry Christmas" greeting, and a name
Happy times! Gingerbread figurines for Christmas, and a name to be personalized (gift wrap roll)
(affiliate image link)
Green gift wrap with gingerbread snowman, tree, and Santa, with "Merry Christmas" and a custom name
Same festive Christmas design in green (wrapping paper roll) (affiliate image link)

If you like these gingerbread figurines, I have a design (in red, green, and blue) with a whole bunch of them. Here’s the one in red.

"Red gift wrap with "To Amber (to be customized), with love, from Santa," "Merry Christmas!" and gingerbread figures
Red personalized Merry Christmas gift wrap, with gingerbread figurines (affiliate image link)

And if you like the name and “with love, from Santa” in cursive writing, here’s another design (back to unicorns).

Minimalist personalized red wrapping paper with Merry Christmas, decorated tree, Santa with unicorn
Merry Christmas wrapping paper, with Santa, unicorn, tree, snowflakes,
and “with love, from Santa” to custom name (affiliate image link)

That’s about it for now. I hope you enjoyed this presentation. If you found anything useful, I’d appreciate a share/pin 🙂

To a happier, healthier life,


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