Cute, Funny, and Elegant Christmas Photo Cards (Ho ho hoh dear, what a year!)

With everything going on this year, I’m already thinking of better times, such as Thanksgiving, when I’ll be in contact with friends, and Christmas. We’re not giving each other many presents at Christmas, but we do buy and make lots of good food, as most people here in Romania. And since we have three days of Christmas, there’ll be plenty of time to watch some movies on Netflix as well.

But until Thanksgiving and Christmas I’m busy with work. I keep meaning to go see the new movie with Julia Roberts and George Clooney, Ticket to Paradise, but I find I can’t squeeze it in. But yes, I do want to armchair go to Bali and delight in two of my favorite actors—who, by the way, seem to age so wonderfully.

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Speaking of aging, I’m trying to get healthier and give up added sugar in foods, including in (most) store-bought items. It’s hard, because I love a good cheesecake, but I’m trying to give up sweeteners as well for the time being. As I’m also restricted to eating gluten-free, this is quite limiting. But I guess I’ll make some exceptions and make cheesecake with dates now and then. Technically, sugars in fruit are supposed to be just as bad as refined sugar, but I’m holding out hope that they’re a little better 🙂

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It’s very hard sometimes to take care of everything that needs taken care of, and since I haven’t been taking any long summer vacations for a good while now, I’ve been entering fall rather tired in recent years. But I enjoy fall, because I dedicate part of it to making Christmas products. Well, they should technically be done by October 10 or 15, when people start buying wrapping paper and Christmas cards to send to relatives, friends, and acquaintances, but once I get in the Xmas spirit it’s hard to stop 🙂 I get different ideas, and then I have to materialize them the next day, because if I don’t, chances are I’ll never create those products.

Here are some of the Christmas cards from this year. They are playful and funny (and also elegant, with a clean design and a stylish sprinkle of snowflakes) with “Oh deer, what a year!” and “Ho ho hoh dear, what a year!” They all have a customizable letter on the back, which you can keep or delete.

Cute and funny photo Christmas card with santa, a unicorn, and ho ho hoh dear, what a year
Ho ho hoh dear, what a year! Funny Christmas card with 2 photos, and a unicorn pulling Santa’s sleigh
(affiliate image link)

Here’s one with three photos.

Cute and funny Christmas photo card with Santa, a unicorn and ho ho hoh dear humor
Christmas photo card with 3 photos, a unicorn pulling Santa’s sleigh, and ho ho hoh dear humor
(affiliate image link)

If you want to make a bolder statement with just one photo, I have a template for that as well. It’s a square card of 5.25″.

Elegant photo Christmas card with one image, Santa, a unicorn, snowflakes and ho ho ho humor
Elegant square Christmas card with one photo and the funny line “Ho ho hoh dear, what a year!”
(affiliate image link)

I also have Rudolph for you, with “Oh deer, what a year” humor. This card is also square-shaped and includes two vertical photos.

Cute and funny photo Christmas card with Rudolph and "Oh deer, what a year!"
Cute Christmas photo card with Rudolph the Reindeer and the funny line “Oh deer, what a year!”
(affiliate image link)

Again, all these cards have a text template for a Christmas letter on the back, but you don’t have to write one if you don’t want to. Just delete the text from Personalize.

If you’re a dog person, I have a funny card for you as well!

Cute, elegant, and funny Christmas photo card for dog persons. With snowflakes and the outline of a Xmas tree
Cute and funny Christmas photo card with your dog saying “Oh dear, what a ruff year!”
(affiliate image link)

And, finally, a good old “Oh dear, what a year” design. (If you want this line instead of “Ho hoh hoh” for the card with three photos, you can substitute this text on the Zazzle page, in Personalize. In fact, you can customize all the text on these cards from Personalize. Make sure you remember to customize the year!)

Classic, elegant funny Christmas card with two photos and the funny line "Oh dear, what a year!"
A modern classic: Funny Christmas photo cards with “Oh dear, what a year!”
(affiliate image link)

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post! If you found anything to your liking, I’d appreciate a pin/share!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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