New Ideas for Lift-Top Coffee Tables with Drawers and Other Storage Compartments

Once upon a time, I loved bookcases and shelves in general. I used them for everything from books to cheap souvenirs and other gewgaws, as well as for stuff, like small kitchen objects and small objects like scissors, flashlights tiny and large, and so on.

I also used some open shelves when I designed my bookcase, and that’s fine, but now they are full of small things such as candles and some good-luck charms (as I consider them) that I received from friends: a knitted flower, a bracelet, things like that.

Problem is, now I’m tired of dusting shelves with books and souvenirs and various objects, so the more stuff I can put in drawers and cupboards, the happier I am.

And when it comes to the various living room furniture items aside from the bookcase, I can’t abide a crowded couch table or desk anymore. When it comes to the coffee table, I want the remote, a piece of paper, and a pen, should I remember something that needs to be done, and nothing else. A book, too, if I’m reading on the couch. All that calls for a coffee table with storage compartments.

I also want a table with a top I can lift, so that besides the large desk that can accommodate two people, I or someone else can use that coffee desk for a desk as well.

Low coffee tables just don’t cut it anymore, and these lift-top designs and drawers and other compartments have everything going for them: they help your room look more tidy and organized, give you a space where you can enjoy your coffee and TV without sitting at your busy desk, have enough room for both a coffee and a laptop as well as a book, and are, of course, at the right height if you’re working from a couch. They’re also rather sturdy.

And some of these lift-top table designs come with two options for the lifting top: both two sections and a continuous larger top surface, the latter choice allowing them to be joined together into one larger table if necessary—if you’re entertaining in the living room, for instance. That’s way better than a (slightly taller than knee-high) coffee table. I know because I served real food on a long, low coffee table and everybody had trouble enjoying themselves on my couch.

And even if you don’t join them, you can play chess or a board game on them, and in a pinch, you can also sit four people for tea.

Again, however, with two of these lift-top tables, you may be able to make do in the dining room without buying a larger table. I know I bought a larger folding table for my hallway, to use as a dining room table, but I never used it. It occupies space in a closet.

Ideally, what I want these days are multi-function designs that offer a tabletop of two heights, drawers, and other hidden and open storage compartments, and the ability to be both joined together, all with a lot of flexibility when it comes to moving around a home.

I also want a coffee table that takes up only as much space as it needs to while keeping the clutter to a minimum.

Now, it appears that it’s hard to find a lift top coffee table with multiple lifting methods and drawers, so then what it comes to in some cases is choosing between the option of a continuous top surface and drawers. But you could buy storage baskets separately to use them for the bottom shelf!

Here are some of the designs I like the best for this piece of furniture. They would make great gifts for you as well as stupendous Mother’s Day gifts, even if a little delayed.

Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links. If you click on (any of) them and make a purchase, they generate revenue for this blog (at no extra cost to you!). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. All affiliate links on this blog are identified as such. Here’s my Full Disclosure.

This first one I really like because it comes with three kinds of lifted tops, including a large enough continuous surface. It’s also higher than other lift top designs on the market. Here are all the dimensions: 41″ D x 43″ W x 27″ H

It comes in two other finishes as well (gray and rustic brown), but I much prefer it in black.

Multi-function 43" lift top table with open and hidden storage compartments, from Itaar. Has 3 lifting methods, including a lifted continuous tabletop surface
Multi-function 43″ lift-top coffee table with storage compartments. Has 3 lifting methods: compact low table, 2 sections, and 1 higher tabletop. From Itaar
(affiliate image link)

This second design has two finishes I like, black and espresso, among others (gray and rustic brown). It’s useful if you are looking for a smaller multifunctional lift table, for instance if you have less space available. It can also be squeezed into bedrooms, next to the side of the bed, in case you have guests who prefer to work on their laptops until late at night.

The dimensions for this one are 19.7″ D x 47.2″ W x 19″ H. As you can see, it’s much smaller than the previous one but at the same time it’s wider, which turns it into a nice desk replacement.

Lift top coffee table from Seventable, 47.2", with two-way lifting mechanism and four storage compartments (including two drawers)
Lift-top coffee table from Seventable, 47.2 inches, with two-way lifting mechanism (2 sections),
drawers, and other storage compartments (affiliate image link)

If you prefer a continuous lifting tabletop but not something as high as the previous table, then you may like this third design. I think it works wonders as a desk substitute next to either a bed or a couch. I have a desk pretty close to these dimensions and I can fit quite a few things on it.

Dimensions for this one are as follows: 19.5″ D x 41″ W x 19″ H

This design with a continuous lift top and one large hidden compartment (along with a bottom shelf divided into 3 sections) comes in great espresso and black finishes, along with a rustic brown one.

Lift-top coffee table from Tangkula with efficient storage and great design: one continuous tabletop, one large hidden compartment and a bottom shelf with 2 sections
Lift top coffee table from Tangkula with one continuous lifted tabletop, large hidden storage compartment,
and bottom shelf divided into three sections. Sturdy furniture made from chipboard, solid wood, and metal pieces,
with stable support legs, smooth surfaces (affiliate image link)

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post! As always, pins and shares are much appreciated! Thank you!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira


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