Lift-Top Coffee Tables with Storage Compartments

I’ve always believed in designing smaller pieces of furniture with the help of a carpenter, but some furniture items these days are so well-designed and selling at such good prices, they’re impossible to beat!

I was looking at products to give hosts at Thanksgiving and happened on some lift-top coffee tables! I really like them and they can be handy in the bedroom as well, if you want to have a quick peek online on the computer before bedtime. Of course, it’s not recommended, but say you have some ideas and want to write something, for instance. Or work on a collage in Photoshop some more while you still feel a state of flow waiting to blossom within you. Or maybe you want to look up some fashions on Pinterest on a larger screen.

I, for one, am still very much partial to my laptop when it comes to most things. While I do appreciate that most websites are now optimized for mobile in great ways, there are still glitches sometimes. With some sites, part of the site is actually missing on mobile. Also, there’ll be some writing at the bottom of the page I can’t see because my phone puts a menu band over that area. Things like that.

Anyway, here are two lift-top coffee tables I really like. I figure they would be great in a large house if you receive many guests for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and some of them stay overnight. It would be really nice to have a makeshift desk not only in a bedroom, but also in a living room or dining room, possibly in lieu of the more traditional round coffee tables.

As for the size, while these furniture pieces are on the small side for regular desks (and I know what I’m saying: one of my desks is the size of these tables), they should be great as guest desks!


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Lift-top coffee table in engineered wood. Has storage compartment and two drawers
Lift-top coffee table/makeshift desk with a storage compartment and two drawers, engineered wood, espresso finish (affiliate image link)
Lift tabletop living room coffee table and makeshift desk with shelves and a storage compartment
Lift-top coffee table with storage compartment and three shelves,
chipboard and solid wood, espresso finish (affiliate image link)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post. If you found it useful in any way, I’d appreciate a pin/share. Thank you!

Have a great holiday season!

Edit May 15, 2023. If you liked these lift-top tables, here’s a recent post of mine with more considerations and two more great designs (because the third one overlaps, I think):

New Ideas for Lift-Top Coffee Tables with Drawers and Other Storage Compartments

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira


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