OPG: A Piece of Candy with a Jewelry Purchase

Assorted jelly fruit (Image by lisa870 from Pixabay)

I love it when I find material for my One Pleasant Gesture posts . . .

I recently bought a pendant at a fair, to use with some of my necklaces. The seller charged me quite a lot for my purse, but then she put the pendant in a pouch, the pouch in a tiny paper bag . . . and before she handed all that to me—a rather impatient me at this point—, she added a piece of candy along for the ride.

I don’t eat many sweets, so I couldn’t wait to see what kind of candy I got. And it was an amazingly tasty piece of jelly. Of course, with Halloween coming up in only a week, candy will lose in value for a while, but for me on that day the gesture and the surprise meant quite a lot.

It made me think, yet again, about the importance of small gestures. Of course, sellers on telemarketing programs know all that and keep offering various items “free” along with the main purchase. But when I buy things in stores, there’s none of that. I’m thinking some types of stores, at least, should offer candy for children (okay, their parents may not be too happy about that) and little trinkets with some of their items. People love nice surprise gifts, and One Pleasant Gesture like that could go a long way toward securing a special place in the customer’s heart. I’ve certainly paid more attention to this seller and even remembered the address of her store, where I plan to visit her in the future.

Enjoy this happy season and remember the value of small gestures!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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