How to Get More Organized in Life

I came across this blog post today and it spoke to me because I recently noticed that if I take my blood pressure after doing a bit of organizing, I have the best blood pressure ever (can you believe it). So then sometimes, for instance, I make time to just take some of my mugs with pens and mechanical pencils, clean them and test them to see if they still work, and wipe the dust from the mugs; or sort through various to-do papers; or photograph pages from magazines I throw away, so that I have these pages for future reference. All these activities give me an incredible sense of calm and relaxation. I don’t know about people who are chronically disorganized, but tidying things up brings me relief and a sense of well-being, which is why I resonated with this article. The author breaks down the benefits of getting more organized in a nice way, while also providing very useful tips.

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Disorganization and clutter have long been suspected of negatively impacting our mental health and well-being.

And we often don’t have to look far to see the impact disorganization can have on our personal relationships.

The unorganized schedules, unfinished projects, and never ending to-do listsmay be contributing to your stress, anxiety, or depression.

Let’s learn about how to get more organized in life.

How to Get More Organized in Life

What Does an Organized Person Look Like?

An organized person is generally one who isnaturally neat, punctual and detail-oriented.

Their habits and behaviours in life are normally ordered, planned and efficient. They often have natural organizational skills that other personality types might have to work a bit harder to develop.

Why Do I Struggle to Organize?

There are many reasons for disorganization includinga lack of knowledge or skill, perfectionism, our beliefs about possessions, simple indecision, or potential mental health conditions.


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