Bargain Quality Fleece and Quilted Vests

With temperatures in the low sixties (°F) I’m scrambling to find the right combination of clothing items to wear inside. For a great many years I wore a no-name yellow fleece vest that I’d bought second-hand. I loved that vest and it was an essential piece of clothing in fall and early spring days. I have several fleece jackets but I can only wear them in winter. If I try to wear one in temperatures like those of today I’ll get too warm after a while, take it off, then get cold again. So it looks like I need another fleece vest. I do have one for outdoor wear and another one to go with a rain jacket but I need one to wear inside.

Now, you’d think they were everywhere in stores, but it turns out they can be very expensive, and not that attractive in terms of colors. Which is why I’m happy to see that Amazon has created polar fleece sleeveless jackets of their own as part of their Amazon Essentials lineup. They come in many colors and even several patterns, and the thickness seems to be about right: mid-weight. I do love a microfleece vest under a rain jacket, and I do have one like that, but at home I’d rather weather something soft and comfy and with a little bit more fleece.

Of course, I also have a number of woolen vests available, including a softer one knitted by an aunt, but wool itches a little even through a T-shirt, and even when it’s a kind of softer wool than those of decades ago. And then there’s the question of style. Wearing this woolen vest makes me feel at least two decades older, so as much as I love my aunt, I’d rather wear something closer to my age, in a cut and color more in tune with my fashion style.

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So without further ado, here are two sleeveless fleece jackets from the Amazon Essentials collection, along with three other vests. (If you don’t know what to get a relative for Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a sleeveless fleece jacket!)

Note that the first two vests shown below have two 5″ by 8″ rectangle pockets sewn on the inside.

Sleeveless polar fleece jacket in pale cornflower blue, from the Amazon Essentials collection
Amazon Essentials polar fleece vest, pale cornflower blue
(affiliate image link)
Quality fleece vest at a good price from Amazon Essentials. Vermilion red color.
Amazon Essentials sleeveless polar fleece jacket in vermilion red
(affiliate image link)

I also like quilted vests but haven’t seen any in stores at decent prices. And then I found this one online from Longking. This design has great reviews and, again, it comes in lots of different colors, something you rarely see in stores. Here’s one in a shade of green.

Great quality lightweight quilted vests in many colors, bargain prices
Lightweight quilted zip vest in a shade of green
(affiliate image link)

And here’s a very similar one from Argstar. If anything, it appears to be slightly longer, so if that appeals for you, the vest below may suit you better.

Quality lightweight quilted vest at a great price. Wine red color. From Argstar
Lightweight quilted vest (padded gilet) in wine red, from Argstar
(affiliate image link)

Of course, these quilted vests are for outdoor use. I’m including them because they are quite useful clothing items themselves, midway between a sporty outfit and an elegant one.

And here’s a fleece polar vest in bright turquoise blue, from the brand 33,000ft. Several other colors are available as well.

Lightweight fleece vest in turquoise blue from the brand 33,000ft
Lightweight sleeveless fleece jacket at a bargain price
from 33,000ft. Bright turquoise blue (affiliate image link)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. As always, pins/shares are much appreciated!

Have a great fall and winter season!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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