Elegant Minimalist Photo Moving Announcements (Cards and Postcards)

People move into new homes for all sorts of reasons, but if you’re excited about your move—and your life move, with all it entails—I have the cards to make the event even more special.

A new home, even when it’s an old home, with parents or other relatives, or a good friend, should be an occasion to try to change our lives for the better. Often, the move helps us do that by cutting back on our expenses; or, on the contrary, it may mean we pay more monthly for our new residence but we do so because we wanted that house and all the changes that come with it: a new town or city or hiking grounds to discover, a new job, the chance to make new friends, etc. It may mean bringing into the world a baby in a new home that’s closer to one set of the baby’s grandparents, or in a town where its parents will have other forms of support along with more ways to enjoy life the way they want to, whether that means theaters and classical music venues, or movie theaters showing live operas from The Met and colleges or universities that open to the public their large swimming pools.

I find that when it comes to life, it’s very important to know what you want. Okay, this was an attempt at wry humor: of course it’s important! Yet I see so many people wallowing in a job that doesn’t do anything for them, or relationships that they’re unhappy about. I understand that often we may feel we can’t change things the way we’d want to because, again, we feel we can’t afford to lose a certain job, for instance, but then instead of going away over the weekends we could start a side business, couldn’t we? Or we could look into developing a hobby, something that might later become a side hustle. Or, yet again, we could consider moving someplace else and starting over. Okay, this can come with all sorts of impediments, but a new home often becomes the driving force for much-needed change, and it’s important to keep in mind as an option when we feel up for shaking up our lives a bit—and no, this doesn’t necessarily mean leaving a partner or other people behind. There are ways and ways to make this step.

So I’m all for moving as a means of changing one’s life. True, sometimes you move to a smaller home, for various reasons (losing a job and getting one that’s not as good, divorce, raising a child alone, etc.). But even then it’s worth it to aim for the mindset that sees your relocation as an opportunity: a chance to discover a new neighborhood—if you move to another place in the same city—with all it has to offer, and to discover the upsides of a new job, with its new crowd and new city areas to explore. This may seem so obvious, you may wonder why I’m writing about it, but I know I have dozens of art galleries in Bucharest I want to explore with every new exhibition, and yet I have long stretches when I find myself stuck at the computer while time flies by and I miss many of those exhibitions. Not good! Okay, I’m working to make stuff like the cards I created for this article, which gave me great pleasure to design, but still, I try to remind myself that the new place you live in is meant to change your life in a whole lot of new ways—and Bucharest has certainly been changing mine, with its art galleries, theaters, cafés and good value-priced restaurants, and other places (and people!). Have I mentioned dance classes? Yeah, gotta see about those again too, after a long time.

Anyway, enjoy your new place! Here are some moving announcement cards and postcards, should you wish to consider them. I aimed at minimalist elegance.

Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links, at no additional cost to you. I am a Zazzle Associate and designer, and I earn commissions when you buy products through my referral links. All affiliate links on this blog are identified as such. Here’s my Full Disclosure.

I started with a card with two photos on the front, and one of the back. I then got rid of the image on the back for the postcard version of this design.

Please note that the cards are much crisper on Zazzle and when printed (and a little larger!).

Announce your new address in style with this minimalist card, 3 photos (2+1)
(affiliate image link)

And here’s postcard #1.

We've moved, come visit postcard with a photo of the new home and another one with the family
We’ve Moved! Come visit us soon! Minimalist moving announcement postcard with 2 photos (affiliate image link)

Here’s version #2, with two square photos on the front and a photo on the back. For the back I used as placeholder the same living room image of card #1, but in a different format (wider).

Minimalist, elegant We’ve Moved card, with 2+1 photos of the new home and the family (affiliate image link)

And here’s a link for postcard #2 (affiliate link), associated to the above card. Again, the postcard retains only the front of the card.

Moving on, so to speak, to 3+1 photos now.

Modern, minimalist we've moved announcement card, with 4 photos
Trendy minimalist photo collage moving announcement card, 3 smaller images on the front
and a larger one on the back (affiliate image link)

And postcard #3 (affiliate link), associated to the above design.

And now 4+1 images.

New home address card with four photos on the front and one large one on the back
Make the most of the front and back of a card with this stylish We’ve Moved design with 5 photos
(affiliate image link)

And postcard #4 (affiliate link).

Well, that’s about all I have for now in terms of new designs. If you wish to see some of my previous moving announcement cards, here they are.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoyed this presentation. As always, pins and shares are much appreciated!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira


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