Elegant, Cute, and Funny We’ve Moved Photo Announcement Cards and Address Labels

We’ve had some rough years that left many of us in a precarious state as regards housing. Some people moved in with their parents, others moved in with friends, and still others moved to a different place for a new job, changing their life altogether.

Moving is never easy but sometimes the best choice you can make is to attempt to start anew. And moving to a different place, possibly with a different climate as well as new sights, attractions, and neighbors, can definitely help with that. And then a new job in a different place can help you situate yourself there. And oh, the glorious lunch breaks if you’re in a city!

Or you could be moving back home, to be closer to one or more special people in your life. That, too, has its own rewards. It can be a new start with a seemingly old hat, so to speak, but it will still be a new start. Places change, people do too, and, as they say, you can’t step in the same river twice. So kudos to you if you’re moving close to family and old friends. Surprises will be right around the corner, even in a smaller place, and even given the company of familiar faces, and surprises and change is what keeps us fresh/young 🙂

So good luck to all of you moving into a new home! May it be the beginning of a prosperous and inspiring new path! And to make things more fun, here are some some moving announcement photo cards, so you can notify your friends and family in style.

Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links, at no additional cost to you. I am a Zazzle Associate and designer, and I earn commissions when you buy products through my referral links. All affiliate links on this blog are identified as such. Here’s my Full Disclosure.

New home announcement with two photos, new address, and hope you'll visit + best wishes
Elegant We’ve Moved announcement cards, with two photos, new address info, invitation, and good wishes
(affiliate image link)

The card above is one of my favorites, but I also made a version with a more staid “We’ve Moved” statement (without the above flourishes, that is). So the front is different in that one respect. The back is the same as the one shown above.

Elegant new home announcement card with two photos (horizontal and vertical)
Elegant We’ve Moved photo moving announcement card
(affiliate image link)

I’ve also made some minimalistic designs. Here’s one of them, available in four colors: ocean blue, violet, orange, and purple (you can choose the color easily once you click to see the card on Zazzle). It works if you have only one good family photo, or if your personal style is more straightforward and you want the card to reflect that. Of course, it may happen that you simply like the frame idea, suggested by the four corners. And then if you like to showcase framed photos at home, or if you enjoy photography and have a few prints framed under glass in a way similar to the image below, you may resonate even more with my bared-to-essentials yet also a bit artsy design.

Minimalist new home announcement card with one large photo
Minimalist We’ve Moved announcement card, with one large photo (affiliate image link)

I also made some cute designs. I’m showing two of them: one with a teddy bear holding a “Thinking of you” banner, and one with a custom photo and illustrations of some marine life, more specifically a fish, a sea turtle, a starfish, and a nautilus shell. The latter one is meant for families who moved closer to a beach.

New address announcement card with a cute teddy bear holding a "Thinking of you" banner
Cute We’ve Moved announcement with an illustration of a teddy bear holding a “Thinking of you” banner
(affiliate image link)
Cute and artsy new home at the beach announcement with a photo and illustrations of a fish, turtle, nautilus shell, and starfish
Cute We’ve Moved to the Beach announcement with a photo and illustrations of marine life (affiliate image link)

Tired yet? I hope not (even though I kept repeating the same design for the new address on the back of the last three examples, I know).

I have funny new home photo announcements too! The ones below are adapted from Christmas cards and include a short letter on the back as well. So if you haven’t sent out Christmas cards because you were busy preparing the move to a new home, now may be the chance to keep everyone updated on your life in a stylish yet fun way.

Funny oh dear, ruff years new home announcement card, with 3 photos and a letter
Funny ruff years, dog photo new home announcement with letter on the back (affiliate image link)

If you have three good photos of your family, and you prefer a minimalist, chic postcard rather than a funny card, here’s one I created recently.

Simple, minimal, elegant moving announcement postcard with 3 photos
Elegant, minimalist we’ve moved postcard with 3 photos (affiliate image link)

I’ll stop here with the cards (if you want to see more minimalist photo moving announcement cards and postcards, see this other post of mine) and leave you with some designs for return address labels. You gotta have some of those as well as you announce your new home address. I made these labels in a slightly different style, for an added element of fun 🙂

Elegant return address label, easy to personalize, with an illustration of stylized flowers
Elegant floral return address label (affiliate image link)
Return address labels with cute funny orange cat
Cute and funny return address labels with an orange cat
(affiliate image link)
Nerdy return address labels with a cool cat with baseball hat and glasses
Cute return address labels with a cool, nerdy cat
(affiliate image link)

Now I realize I should have some with cute dog illustrations as well.

Of course, with a dog it’s more complicated, because you almost can’t have a generic dog image—you suggest a certain breed, no matter how stylized the illustration. Well, I guess I’ll go with paws then. Here it is, for both dogs and cats! 🙂

Return address labels with a dog's paw, which you can customize with a dog's photo
New address labels with a dog paw print (affiliate image link)

Okay, that was it for now! Well, actually I have one more address label, to go with the cute beach-themed moving announcement card in this post. Here it is, with a starfish. Remember that you can customize it for a family as well.

Cute return address labels with a purple starfish for people who moved close to a beach
Beach-themed address labels with a cute purple starfish
(affiliate image link)

I hope you enjoyed my presentation. If you found anything useful, I’d appreciate a pin or share!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira


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