Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner (Image by Julie Rothe from Pixabay)

It’s great that there’s a Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Unfortunately we eat together as families so rarely these days, and we also spend very little time thinking of giving thanks. Which is why I appreciated the suggestions in an article on Thesaurus.com.

Okay, if you ask me, saying “I appreciate you because you took the time to do [this or that]” can feel too verbose and overwrought. (I’m sure many counselors will disagree with me, though!) So much can be said with a hug, a kiss, or a simple “I love it!”—or “I love you” (after the thing in question crops up in conversation).

But the author’s other suggestions were intriguing. Finding ways to talk about someone, something, somewhere, a food, an experience, etc. you are grateful for can be great conversation starters and a surefire way to fill your heart and that of your conversation partner with warmth and gratitude.

Also, writing acrostic poems with lines where you spell out what you appreciate in the other person (lines that start with the letters of their name) can be wonderful.

The gratitude scavenger hunt is also a great idea. Alongside the examples given by the author, you could try “Find something that gave you joy today,” “Find a food that you especially enjoyed today,” “Find someone that said something kind today,” “Find something you’d really like another child to have,” “Create a new game about things you enjoy and find objects around the house to play it with,” and so on.

To happy Thanksgiving feelings and thoughts,

🙂 Mira

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