Go with the Flow: Some Fashion Choices for Fall 2022

I got started on clothes yesterday, and then last night I was browsing for various clothing items. Other people do that all the time, but I haven’t shopped for clothes online in quite a while. And I haven’t been to clothing retail stores much either. I’m about to change all that because . . .

. . . clothes do have their function in boosting happiness. If you create various styles and buy clothes to reflect them, you feel better in your skin and also make others see you differently than if you just wear old clothes for lack of something better. I, for one, have been leaning toward longer shirts and jackets for years now, but have only bought a few items like that, and instead kept going out in shirts that ended around my waist—which I don’t particularly like anymore.

I also keep walking around in jeans and other comfy pants when I really want to wear layered or puffball, bubble skirts sometimes. I spotted a store with great designs in that style, but while the fabrics and shape of the garments are great, the sewing leaves a lot to be desired. It’s something I noticed in plenty of designer items here in Bucharest. Not that I buy any, but there are various street events where they are sold—and not even for that much, most of them—and the seams and topstitching are just very poorly done. Which, according to reviewers, is not the case with the items I’m about to show you—fashion items I’ve actually selected for myself.

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Here’s a long jacket, tunic-style, with front buttons in a rather thick fabric, a combination of cotton and linen, perfect for fall days; and then a flared shirt-dress tunic.

Long women's tunic jacket with front buttons, by Mordenmiss
Tunic-style jacket with front buttons for the fall season
(affiliate image link)
Loose swing tunic, shirt dress style, by Mordenmiss
Swing shirt-dress tunic, loose fit. Read the reviews
to make sure you get the right size (affiliate image link)

And here’s a blazer that has a bit of flair and can be used on various occasions rather than just at the office—to a theater play or a classical music concert, for instance. Blazers are very useful in one’s wardrobe. I’m always suffering when I don’t have one at the ready, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to find one when I looked in stores recently.

Blazer jacket with a double-notch lapel, one button, and a flared buttom
Blazer with a double-notch lapel and a flared bottom (affiliate image link)

I also love fit-and-flare dresses, especially if they have a puffy skirt.

Elegant vintage fit-and-flare dress with three-quarter sleeves
Vintage-style fit-and-flare dress with three-quarter sleeves.
Has pockets! (affiliate image link)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my ideas for a stylish fall season 🙂

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

P.S. As always, pins and shares are much appreciated!

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