Life is more complicated than single-minded statements

Live to eat, or eat to live? Well, probably neither! Food can be quite a pleasure and it’s worth it to enjoy it. Of course, if we enjoy it too much, it can turn into a vice. I’m reminded here of people who like good food but then eat truckloads of it. Gourmands, in other words, rather than gourmets.

Don’t look back because you’re not going there? Hm. Sometimes it pays to look at your past, and do so more than fleetingly, in order to learn your lessons and even delight in good memories once again. Okay, dwelling there can be a problem, but also consider this: someone with Alzheimer’s may find succor in the past. Her only thoughts for more than a few minutes may be those of her childhood and young adult days.

Take even this quote from Mahatma Gandhi, which I love in principle: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Okay, the second part sounds good, even as it, too, may pose a problem in today’s overcrowded information age: too much learning can actually be a bad thing, preventing us from embracing more of life. Of course, Gandhi lived from 1869 to 1948, so things were a little different then. But “live as if you were to die tomorrow”? That’s a tricky, hard thing to wrap your mind around. What exactly are you supposed to do? Meet with all your friends and relatives? Organize your things? Try to write one last poem or otherwise share some of the wisdom you gathered in this life? Spend your day calling people who don’t live in the same city? Spend more time with only your close family?

You probably get my gist: these single-minded statements are problematic. And they are more so when we deal with political statements may to sway people strongly to one side or another. Things are never easy. They are always complicated. Of course, even this statement is tricky: there’s such a thing as Ockham’s razor, which says that the simplest explanation is probably the right one, which suggests that some things—in this case, explanations—may, in fact, be simple. But things of life in and of themselves tend to be more complicated, and even the simplest explanation is never that simple.

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Anyway. I was inspired by thoughts similar to the ones above to create a quote and then a design for it. The quote/slogan goes like this: “Life is more complicated than single-minded statements.” Someone found it on Zazzle a few days ago, and I thought I’d write this post in case it appeals to more people. I also created more products with it.

Life is more complicated than some inspirational slogans would have us believe -- quote magnet
Life is more complicated than single-minded statements (affiliate image link)
Life is more complicated than single-minded statements, slogan T-shirt
Life is more complicated than some statements would have us believe (affiliate image link)
Life is more complicated than popular life quotes or political slogans
Life is more complicated than inspirational quotes or political slogans (affiliate image link)

Okay, having said my piece on inspirational slogans, here’s another one I created: “Often, a change of scene is all the inspiration you need.” Admittedly, “all” is a little too much, but then I qualified it with “often,” so it should be okay 🙂

Often, a change of scene is all the inspiration you need -- motivational quote mug
Often, a change of scene helps a lot 🙂 (affiliate image link)

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. As always, pins and shares are much appreciated! Thank you!

To a happier, healthier life,


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