Some Great Designs of Faux Jeans Leggings

I don’t know if you’re au courant, but there’s this whole trend of faux jeans denim leggings, sometimes straight up, with the image of a pair of jeans printed on the leggings, and other times funny, with an image of shorts and hairy legs, for instance. There’s even an image with fake shorts and knee-high socks!

There are various kinds of printed denim leggings available, including vintage, and one pair of faux jeans leggings I found on Zazzle includes lace at the waist. (Then there’s a pair that’s all faux lace, if you’re rather like that than imitation denim leggings.)

These sexy faux jeans are full-length or capri-length.

In an age where so many images distort reality, these printed jeans leggings are quite zeitgeisty. Some of them would make great gag gifts for Christmas!

Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links, at no additional cost to you. I am a Zazzle Associate and designer, and I earn commissions when you buy products through my referral links. All affiliate links on this blog are identified as such. Here’s my Full Disclosure.

And yes, these leggings can be quite expensive, but the ones I’ll be showing—from Zazzle—are very high quality, and Zazzle often has various discounts, such as 15 percent off all products or even 40 percent off for new customers.

Here’s one of my favorite pairs of imitation jeans capri leggings, perfect for running, jogging, and yoga/various other forms of exercise, and also a great choice for just walking around as well.

Faux blue jeans leggings, with belt and upturned cuffs, capri length
Faux jeans leggings, capri style (affiliate image link)

And here’s a pair with a retro style of distressed denim and a waist band of simulated lace.

Faux vintage jeans leggings with imitation lace at the waist
Imitation vintage, retro jeans leggings with faux lace at the waist (affiliate image link)

Time for some fun stuff: shorts and hairy legs. I don’t imagine many people will buy these, but it’s fun to show them 🙂

Humorous shorts and hairy legs leggings
Funny shorts and hairy legs leggings (affiliate image link)

Okay, if you’re not inclined to wear the above pair, maybe you are more interested in this next one, from the same talented designer. Note that for the example above and this one you can change the skin tone by clicking on “Edit Design” to access the design platform, and going all the way down on the left side (where you have various design layers) to change the color of the background (the background of the composition is where you see the skin tone of the legs).

Leggings humor with short jeans and knee-high socks
Funny leggings with a print of denim shorts and knee-high socks (affiliate image link)

Okay, now back to some more straightforward printed jeans leggings—although you’ll see that artists on Zazzle can be quite creative. Here’s, for instance, a punk jeans design with patchwork black denim.

Imitation jeans leggings for punks, with a patchwork design in black denim
Faux jeans leggings with punk patchwork black denim (affiliate image link)

And here are those lace-print capri leggings I mentioned at the beginning. In fact, I found two great examples. Here they are. Again something that would make for fun Christmas gifts.

Capri leggings with all-over lace print
Faux lace capri leggings (affiliate image link)
Capri leggings with simulated white lace all-over print
Pretty in lace all-over print capri leggings (affiliate image link)

Finally, here’s a classic, simple and elegant denim design.

Dark-wash blue jeans, all-over print leggings, classic look
Dark-wash blue jeans all-over leggings, classic look (affiliate image link)

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. I certainly had fun putting it together!

As always, pins and shares are much appreciated! Thank you!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira


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