Cute Unicorn New Baby Birth Announcement Cards

Here are some photo collage cards for new parents: new baby birth announcement cards with a magical unicorn next to a newborn in a bassinet—with versions for various skin tones.

Forget the stork that brings new babies. I much prefer the unicorn, especially one with red and golden glitter in its mane and tail, as the one in these illustrations. I created them with the help of a two very skilled illustrators after being very pleased with their drawings with a unicorn pulling Santa in a sleigh full of gifts. I used the Santa unicorn illustrations on Christmas wrapping paper, and now I’m using the baby in bassinet with unicorn drawings on new baby announcement cards. I’m trying to refresh the old simple minimalist designs that rely only on photo collages and elegant calligraphy to make an impact, and to raise the cuteness and magical factor of these cards that introduce a newborn.

Also, I wanted the baby in the bassinet to have different skin tones. So I asked the illustrator team to create five skin tones: (approximately) white, caramel brown, light and dark hazelnut brown, and chocolate brown. Of course, this is only one vector from pale to dark brown. There are so many shades of dark skin—and of white skin. But hopefully you will be able to find something that’s close enough to your baby’s shade. I tried to use template photos that were close in color to the skin color of the baby in the bassinet, to make it easier for you to choose the illustration and birth announcement card that’s right for you.

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Here are two versions of the white baby cards and then the rest of the sequence for illustration number one, with the kneeling unicorn. If you want to see all the cards, go here to see the collection.

New baby birth announcement card  with 2 photos and a drawing of a kneeling unicorn with a pale-skinned baby in a red bassinet
Introducing newborn card, 2 photos, unicorn with baby in bassinet
(affiliate image link)
Newborn birth announcement cards, 2 photos, flying unicorn with a light-skinned baby in a red bassinet
Simple elegant new baby birth announcement card
with a flying unicorn with baby in bassinet (affiliate image link)
Photo collage card introducing the birth of a new baby with a drawing of a caramel-skinned Brown baby in a bassinet and a kneeling unicorn
Caramel-skinned baby, 2 photos, birth announcement card, unicorn
(affiliate image link)
New baby announcement card for a hazelnut-skinned Brown baby, with drawing of kneeling unicorn next to newborn in bassinet and 2 customizable photos
Elegant minimalist new baby announcement card,
2 photos, hazelnut-skinned newborn in bassinet with unicorn
(affiliate image link)
Introducing newborn card, with a drawing of a hazelnut-skinned Brown baby and a kneeling unicorn and 2 custom photos
Modern elegant baby birth announcement card, photo collage,
unicorn with brown baby in bassinet (affiliate image link)
Simple minimalist birth announcement card with 2 custom photos and a drawing of a unicorn next to a chocolate-skinned Brown baby in a bassinet
Unicorn with chocolate-skinned baby in bassinet, 2 photos,
elegant birth announcement card (affiliate image link)

I don’t want to leave darker-skinned babies out, so I’ll create versions for Black newborns soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation. Pins and shared are much appreciated! Thank you! 🙂

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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