Funny Rudolph the Reindeer Christmas Photo Cards

Here it is again, the time of the year we reach out to family and friends. And how fitting it is that in the US the holiday season starts with Thanksgiving (I’m not quite counting Halloween, even though I should, as some of us think at that time more about our departed ones as well).

I love writing Christmas (and Thanksgiving) letters, and I’m also having a great time creating Christmas cards on Zazzle. My Zazzle work allows me to stay creative and it carries my ideas into people’s families and homes. Whenever I sell a Christmas card or ornament, or whatever else it may be, I experience a flash of joy.

So without much more gabbing, here are some designs I am particularly fond of. Hint: they involve Rudolph! 🙂 (And a Christmas letter or new home photo on the back.)

Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links. I am a Zazzle Associate and designer, and I earn commissions when you buy products through my referral links, at no additional cost to you. All affiliate links on this blog are identified as such. Here’s my Full Disclosure.

Funny Christmas photo card with Rudolph the reindeer and 3 family photos (and snowflakes)
Oh deer, what a YEAR! Cute, Funny Holidays Custom Photo Card (affiliate image link)

I created the above photo collage for two vertical photos and one larger horizontal one, for people with larger families who want to showcase events of the year in more than one group photo. And then there’s a year-in-review text template on the back for those events and more.

But there are people who want to inject a stronger dose of cheer into their Christmas cards. For them I created a version with a larger image of Rudolph. See if you like this one better or if you prefer the one above.

Another funny Christmas photo card with Rudolph saying, "Oh deer, what a YEAR!" With two photos overlaid partially with snowflakes
Funny Christmas Photo Card with Rudolph the Reindeer and Two Family Photos (affiliate image link)

Many people prefer flat cards to greeting cards. But if you’re partial to greeting cards, I have made plenty of those too. Here’s one matching the card above.

Greeting card for Christmas with Rudolph, 2 photos, and a letter inside
Oh deer, what a YEAR! Rudolph greeting card
(letter template inside) (affiliate image link)

But what if you’ve changed homes this year or just in time for Christmas? Here are some designs with We’ve Moved.

Flat holidays card with a funny Rudolph saying "Oh deer, what a YEAR!" and 2 photos (and Christmas baubles and falling snow)
Funny Rudolph “Oh deer, what a YEAR!” customizable card, moving announcement with photos
(affiliate image link)

The flat card above has a template for a photo on the back. If you’d rather not use the back for a picture, you can just delete that image template (easily done on Zazzle from Personalize).

Here’s another design with the above elements. It’s not as festive without the Christmas baubles but on the other hand the photo is larger.

Flat Christmas card with two photos, a moving announcement, and a funny Rudolph the reindeer (and snowflakes)
Funny and cute Rudolph the Reindeer custom Christmas photo card
with moving announcement (affiliate image link)

Then again I made a design with as many photos I could fit (of decent size, that is). Here it is. The new address goes on the back, at the end of the Christmas letter.

Funny flat holidays card with Rudolph, 3 photos, and a Christmas letter (and snowflakes)
Funny Christmas photo card and letter with Rudolph, three custom photos, and “we’ve moved”
(affiliate image link)

Again, if you’d rather have a greeting card for the above design, here it is.

Funny Christmas greeting card with Rudolph, three photos, and then a letter inside with a moving announcement
Funny Holidays Greeting Card with Rudolph, Three Photos, and a Christmas Letter and Moving Announcement
(affiliate image link)

If you’re rather keep your Christmas card and moving announcement very simple yet cute and funny, here’s a design for that too.

Funny Christmas moving announcement with Rudolph and a family photo (and snowflakes)
Funny, cute minimal Christmas card with Rudolph, a family photo, a greeting, a moving announcement, and an invitation to visit
(affiliate image link)

I hope you enjoyed this presentation and maybe found a design or two to your liking 🙂

To a happier, healthier life,


P.S. I’d appreciate a pin/share if you found my post useful. Thank you! 🙂

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