Living on Borrowed Time

On going through TBR lists and going through life. Great post from

Person sitting on two stacks of books
There’s never enough time. Be selective and efficient (Image by Pexels from Pixabay)


The are books on my shelf that are either half finished, or not started on at all, despite driven by no less of a good reason when I  first bought them. Book reviews, recommendations by friends, authors that I followed, just to name a few. Quite sure some of you have books like that on your shelves too. Yet you have never ran your fingers through them, except when you were at the book store. Not that these books turned out not to be good ones that we thought they were, or that we purchased them with a moment’s penchant, but our interest wanes soon after. The reason for my abandoning them lies as follows: I often told myself that these books are mine and I can therefore always get to them when I find time to read them through in a few seatings. But that never happened.


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