Cute Best Teacher Ever Personalized Mugs, and More

Personalized name and photo mug for a teacher (with the text "Best Teacher Ever")
Best Teacher Ever personalized mug with students’ photo

Once upon a time, I gave a potted flower to a favorite professor. I felt the need to give her something special, but I wasn’t aware of customized mugs at the time, or I would have given her both the flower and the mug. Now I’m making such mugs (with “Best teacher ever”) myself, and while they’re not very sophisticated, they do include a photo of several students, which will mean lots to many teachers, given how so very often they get to see students graduate their teaching cycle with only a series of photos taken at the end of that cycle. True, there are all sorts of creative productions students put on, and professors get copies of photos and videos these days, but still, a personalized mug with their name and a photo of yourself and your friends is likely to make their day (for many years to come).

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Best teacher ever mug, with the teacher's name and a photo for you to personalize
Best Teacher Ever mug, which you can personalize with a photo of yourself and others (affiliate image link)

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously remarked that “A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature.” I believe that a good teacher/professor is just as precious and rare, in a different but related way. A good teacher is a combination of friend and guiding spirit. It can never be just one. A good teacher is kind and attentive to the student while also caring for the student like an older friend. You’ve seen this in movies such as Good Will Hunting, where the character played so movingly by Robin Williams shows us what a young soul needs and responds to in terms of guidance. This is an awesome task, being a good professor. You have not only the minds of students but also their hearts in your palm. Talk about a burden—as well as grace. I do believe that true guiding spirits in this world are gracefully lead down the path of instructing others for the latter’s well-being in their personal and professional lives. What kind of grace is that which leads them? The answers may vary according to our beliefs, but dedicated, vibrating, kind, and wise teachers are certainly one of the most beautiful things in this world—and they bring about so much good in the world.

All that said, here’s the mug I created for such teachers, reading that a teacher, as well as a friend, “may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.”

A great teacher is a masterpiece of nature, with two photos for you to personalize
A great teacher is a masterpiece of nature (mug personalized with two custom photos) (affiliate image link)

The above photo has two photos for you to personalize: one with you and some of your friends, and one with an image of your teacher.

If you’re looking for a gift of similar monetary value but a little bit more flashy and cute, something suited well for teachers of little kids, you can choose the bracelet below, with colorful beads and a disc engraved with the words “Teachers plant seeds that grow forever.”

Gift bracelet for a woman teacher with the engraved quote "Teachers plant seeds that grow forever"
Teachers plant seeds that grow forever (affiliate image link)

If you enjoy these teacher quotes on various products, here’s a decorative pillow case with the words “To teach is to touch a life forever.” It would make a nice gift for teacher’s birthday, or for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. Here it is.

Pillow case with a teacher quote reading, "To teach is to touch a life forever"
To teach is to touch a life forever (affiliate image link)

I think the above design would work well for a variety of teachers, including art instructors.

If you can afford something a bit more expensive, I found this wonderful necklace on Amazon suitable for many people in our lives whose destiny have commingled with our own. This necklace is made of silver and gold vermeil, which is to say gold-plated silver, but created so with a thicker layer of gold. Gold vermeil is the best gold-plated jewelry that is.

Thank you necklace for teachers, nurses, caregivers, etc.
Thank-you necklace for teachers, caregivers, etc. (affiliate image link)

To a happier, healthier life,


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