EUROPAfest 2021 Jazz Gala: Pretty Amazing

There was once amazing music at EUROPAfest 2021 jazz gala (Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay)

This year the festival EUROPAfest hosted nine days of jazz culminating with a rather amazing gala by the winners of this year’s international jazz competition. The Best Band prize went to Vittorio Cuculo Group from Italy, with Vittorio Cuculo on sax, Enrico Mianulli on double bass, Massimo Di Cristofaro on drums, and Danilo Riccardo on piano.

The Grand Prize went to Alessio Magliari Trio, a more recent band, also from Italy. The trio members are Alessio Magliari on piano, Gianmarco De Nissi on drums, and Giordano Panizza on double bass.

There were also special prizes.

Here you have the two big winners on YouTube, courtesy of the EUROPAfest organizers.

EUROPAfest 2021, Vittorio Cuculo Band (© EUROPAfest)
EUROPAfest 2021, Alessio Magliari Trio (© EUROPAfest)

There was also a singer I really liked: Joanna Sobowiec-Jamioł, in a jam session with Alessio Magliari Trio and Vittorio Cuculo on sax, but unfortunately I don’t have a recording of last evening’s performance.


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