People Inspo: Robert Marchand, Record-Setter Cyclist at 105

French cyclist Robert Marchand lived to be 109
Robert Marchand, French cyclist who set records in his 100s, lived to be 109 (Photo from Pixabay)

I was watching TV one evening and saw a documentary that included a short interview with Robert Marchand. The old man, only 5-feet tall (1.52 m), was thin but looked rather fit. He was also in good spirits, saying that he didn’t have a special menu but that he liked to exercise daily. He did say on one other occasion, after riding 22.547 km in one hour at age 105, setting a world record, that he ate lots of fruit and vegetables and used his exercise bike an hour each day. So easy, right? And to think that in his prime he was discouraged from cycling by a coach who said he was too short for it. He only really got going at 68. So it’s never too late 🙂

I was actually very saddened when I read this year that this jolly fellow died at 109. I was rooting for him to live longer than that. He had become such an inspiration, especially as I, too, had a grandfather who lived to be a centenarian.

If you wish to read more about Robert Marchand and see photos of him, here’s an article from Canadian Cycling Magazine: Record-setting centenarian cyclist Robert Marchand dies at 109

To a happier, healthier life,


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