Introducing . . . comfortable, durable air mattresses from SoundAsleep!

I spotted an air mattress online today and remembered one of my own from . . . back in the day (okay, so I’m already thinking of my “back”!). It wasn’t fancy, but it did the job much better than beds did. Or couches and futons, because at the time I slept on an old futon.

But yes, good air mattresses are much better than many beds I’ve had the (dis)pleasure to sleep on here in Romania. Some people have no notion that hard bed mattresses are important, and you would be amazed how lumpy some of the old click-clack sofa beds (or futons?) are in this country. They have springs and wads of material and they’re just awful after a while. And some people just don’t realize how important it is to have a good mattress underneath your spine. Also, they don’t want to give up these old sleeper sofas, which are hard to refurbish as you need people skilled in a kind of trade that’s not around much anymore. Or they work for furniture factories rather than have their own business.

That said, I was very happy with my air mattress, and such an item can come in handy if you don’t want to move heavy furniture around, or if you’re renting a place for a month, for instance, to live near the sea or ocean, and don’t trust the kind of sofa bed you may find there.

And you may find that even in your own home, you may be happier with an air mattress than your old bed with your old mattress, which may be expensive to replace.

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For all those reasons and more (camping! coming to rural Romania! 🙂 ), I hope you’ll appreciate this mattress from SoundAsleep, which looks fabulous. It comes in the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King XL.

Sound Asleep Dream Series air mattress (air bed), durable, puncture resistant, comfortable, and with double height
SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress (Queen size, but the link is for all sizes),
durable and comfortable, double height
(affiliate image link)

What I like about these is that they’re both durable (multilayer, puncture-resistant) and higher than other models. The height is important, because many people, especially in middle age and old age, are having trouble getting up from the floor! And even if you’re able to get up easily (which, according to studies, bodes well for your longevity, by the way), it’s nice to have an air bed that you can treat like a bed.

And with the ComfortCoil technology (40 internal air coils for added comfort and durability), this air mattress from SoundAsleep does, indeed, sound like a dream.

Another popular air bed with a coil beam construction is the air mattress from King Koil. This one comes in an elegant black fabric and appears to be very durable, indeed, and also high enough.

According to their own words, King Koil is the only brand promoted by the “international chiropractors association” (and the actual association is called . . .?). Reviewers rave about this one as well, but I also spotted someone who says this air mattress wouldn’t stay inflated, so maybe the technology at SoundAsleep is better when it comes to punctures. They (SoundAsleep) certainly make a point of emphasizing that their mattresses are nicely layered and puncture-resistant. They’re also (The New York Times’) Wirecutter’s #1 mattress for nine years at this point.

But if you want to see the King Koil mattress, here it is. I know some people who care a lot about aesthetics, but, of course, the black fabric shouldn’t matter too much because I’m assuming not very many people will sleep on it like that woman in the photo. I mean, most people would use sheets, right? 🙂

King Coil luxury air mattress (air bed), the only brand recommended by the international chiropractors association
King Coil Luxury air mattress, durable, waterproof, double height
Queen size (link is for all sizes)
(affiliate image link)

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To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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