Funny Not Adulting Yet Mugs for Mom

And now for something funny. I often notice how kids these days are so very wise for their age. I think they always were, but these days there’s so much info and technology, and yet the kids keep up—and even better their parents and other older adults. Years ago a kid I know, who was only four or five at a time, could actually troubleshoot everything on the desktop computer he shared with his parents. Okay, maybe he looked the stuff up online and followed the steps, but there are so many adults who have to take their phone or laptop to service centers when something doesn’t work right.

So anyway, I created these mugs thinking of unwittingly humorous kids who poke at their mothers when the latter wake up and they’re already tired. I looked up images of tired women and found a photo with a woman who laid her head down on her laptop keyboard and imagined someone who actually does that after voicing “Shhhhhh, I’m not adulting yet” to her kid. And then imagined three different retorts from the kid.

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First mug:


“Shhhhhh. I’m not adulting yet.”


Funny not adulting yet mug for mom. Mom sleeps with head on laptop keyboard, after saying "Shhhhhh, I'm not adulting yet." Kid says, "Have you told Dad?"
Funny mug for a tired mom. “Not adulting yet” “Have you told Dad?” (affiliate image link)

Second version, in which, perhaps, the kid borrows some cues from discussions between the parents themselves.

Humorous mug with a mother lying her head on the laptop keyboard and saying, not adulting now. Kid says "What? Mom?! I deserve a break!!"
“Shhhhhh, I’m not adulting yet.” “WHAT? MOM?! I DESERVE A BREAK!!” (affiliate image link)

And the third version, in which the kid reflects back something the kid has heard from Mom and Dad.

Shhh, not adulting now mug for tired moms. Woman sleeps with her head on the laptop keyboard. Kid says, "What? Mom! Don't be a baby now!!"
“Shhhhhh, I’m not adulting yet.” “WHAT? MOM! DON’T BE A BABY NOW!!” (affiliate image link)

I hope these designs made you smile. If you like them, I’d appreciate a pin/share! Thank you!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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