Brave Little Warrior. Bodysuits and T-Shirts for Babies Fighting for their Life

Every parent wants one thing for their newborn baby: to be healthy. And yet for so many parents and little ones, pregnancy and birth come with difficulties. Babies are born with congenital heart problems, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, and so many other difficulties. I’ve read books and articles about these children and their problems, not only nonfiction, but fiction as well. Clearly, I’m not the only one impacted by these stories: so many novelists are studying these predicaments both baby and parents find themselves in, and write good books to raise awareness. One of the novels I’ve read recently, The Way Back to Us, by Kay Langdale, was a poignant story about Teddy, a toddler with spinal muscular atrophy, and the way Teddy’s illness impacts his family. (Here’s more about this book on Linda’s Book Blog.)

As for me, I’m trying to make various series of bodysuits and T-shirts to honor these babies, their parents, and their struggle. As in Kay Langdale’s book, it’s often the case that these brave little warriors can be not only victims of strangers’ rushed appraisals (including professionals from the health and social assistance systems), but also a source of strength and joy for their parents, siblings, larger families, and many other people. When their babies are born, with or without a serious medical condition, parents come to love them for their whole beings, for the particular persons they are. And then they find that when their little ones have to go through surgeries and other difficult treatments, or struggle with their condition as they do therapy and go about their days, they come to see that these babies are often fierce little ones, a source of amazement in their fortitude and often in their knack of seemingly understanding so much of what their parents and siblings are going through as well.

Here are some of my bodysuit and T-shirt designs. My heart goes to all these brave little boys and girls and their families.

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Babby Bodysuit with the text "Brave Little Warrior" and a cartoon ninja monkey
Brave Little Warrior baby bodysuit, with a ninja monkey (affiliate image link)
Cool Fierce Princess, pink bodysuit for a baby, with a cartoon ninja monkey
Cool Fierce Princess baby bodysuit, with a cartoon ninja monkey (affiliate image link)
Cool Fierce Little One, bodysuit for a baby living with a medical condition
Cool Fierce Little One baby bodysuit (affiliate image link)
Cool Fierce Little One, T-shirt for a baby fighting a difficult medical condition. With a cute cartoon of a little ninja monkey
Cool Fierce Little One, tee for a baby living with a difficult medical condition.
With a cartoon of a cute little ninja monkey (affiliate image link)
Brave Little Warrior, T-shirt for a baby boy or girl living with a serious medical condition. With a cartoon of a cute little ninja monkey
Brave Little Warrior for a valiant little boy or girl. With a cute ninja monkey (affiliate image link)

I hope you found this post useful. Thank you for being here!


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