I take everything with a bit of coffee

Moving forward with coffee quotes, here’s “I take everything with a bit of coffee,” along with a lovely illustration of two women chatting while enjoying a cup of java. I modeled the quote on “I take everything with a grain of salt,” but it can also mean “I can take/face everything if I have a bit of coffee” 🙂 And, indeed, this is often the case. Not everything, but most things can be digested if one is both rested and caffeinated. Often before having my first cup of coffee or an additional caffeine boost (via coffee or green/black/white teas), I am prone to making mistakes, as I did today while attempting to fix something via my phone, where I often type things with errors because of my phone’s keyboard layout, which somehow works worse with the tip of my index finger than my previous phone. And yes, I type with my index finger. Pretty much like how I type at the laptop, only with a few fingers. I’m that old!

Also, while meaning to open a new tab, I just added a tab to my Reading List in Chrome. I didn’t even know Chrome had one. I thought only Firefox has its Pocket. This similar feature in Chrome is to the right of the URL bar. The difference between this Reading List and Bookmarks is, according to Chrome, meant for you to save more urgent and less permanent webpages in the Reading List and keep Bookmarks for stuff you want to refer to time and time again.

Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links. If you click on (any of) them and make a purchase, they generate revenue for this blog (at no extra cost to you!). I am a Zazzle Associate and designer, and I earn commissions when you buy products through my referral links. All affiliate links on this blog are identified as such. Here’s my Full Disclosure.

Okay, back to coffee slogans. I hope you enjoy the new illustration. It’s quite trendy and I love that the colors match those of my design for the quote. I didn’t mention colors to my illustrator friend, so this was a lucky and very pleasant surprise.

Here are the new products I made:

Keychain with an illustration of two friends enjoying conversation and a cup of java. With a funny coffee quote
I take everything with a bit of coffee. A wryly humorous
coffee quote on a keychain with two ladies enjoying java and each other’s company
(affiliate image link)
Mug with a coffee quote and two friends in conversation while enjoying a cup of java
Amusing coffee quote and cute illustration with two women at a coffeeshop (affiliate image link)
Postcard with a coffee quote ("I take everything with a bit of coffee") and two friends drinking coffee, one of whom has a cute cat
I take everything with a bit of coffee, the postcard (affiliate image link)
T-shirt with a funny coffee quote ("I take everything with a big of coffee") and two friends enjoying some java together
I take everything with a bit of coffee, the T-shirt (affiliate image link)
Magnet with a coffee slogan about helpful coffee and friends
We can face everything with the help of coffee and that of friends and friendly people,
coffee quote magnet (affiliate image link)
Drink coaster with two friends enjoying a cup of joe at a coffeeshop, and the quote "I take everything with a bit of coffee"
Beverage coaster with a humorous coffee quote and a cute illustration of two friends
sharing coffee and conversation, for lovers of java (and cats) (affiliate image link)

Here are some thoughts on these items.

  1. Keychain. Keychains are very useful and also make nice presents. I usually buy keychains when I travel, but I have noticed that people buy my novelty designs too. So I keep making keychains 🙂
  2. Mug. I hope it will remind you to meet with your friends more often. Also with acquaintances. Meetings can be so insightful when it comes to understanding life and ourselves better.
  3. Postcard. My postcards sold really well up until the pandemic, and then people became less inclined to buy stuff just because it spoke to them. After all, there’s not much practical use for a postcard you buy just to look at it. And yet I continue to love postcards and will be thinking of ways to make more that invite the buyers to share them with friends, family, or acquaintances. But even if they don’t, I think well-designed postcards offer enough visual pleasure to warrant their display somewhere on a desk or on a shelf next to books and various knickknacks.
  4. T-shirt. I haven’t created T-shirts regularly for a while, but then the ones I did make went on to sell. So I’m thinking I should give T-shirts another chance 🙂 They’re also super useful items, something we need to buy on a regular basis, so for that reason, too, I’m happy to design T-shirts. Unfortunately, not every slogan or image works well on a T-shirt, but this coffee quote and this illustration look good on a tee, I think.
  5. Magnet. I love, love, love magnets, and do buy them when I travel and when I like a certain design. They’re also a nice way to remind yourself of things you like, and things you’d want more of in your life—in this case, more time with friends and socializing with various people in coffeeshops.
  6. Beverage coaster. I love drink coasters too, as I do like to keep desk and table surfaces undamaged.

There are many other items I could make with this design, but I’ll stop here for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the presentation.

Please consider sharing/pinning if you like any of the above pieces! Thank you!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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