Personalized Card and Throw Pillows for Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is coming up in twelve days and it’s important to mark it with gifts, phone calls, cards, letters, or reunions. Older people are much too often forgotten in these rushed times and that’s so unfair. I remember when I was a child, teenager, and young adult, how precious my grandparents were to me. They lived a very simple life but I always created cards for one of my grandmas, who really liked greeting cards. She kept them and organized them in files, a file for each grandkid, with the cards in order. Then I grew closer to the other Grandma and I’d get her flowers, because she really liked to have a vase full of flowers in her home at all times.

These days it’s much easier to send someone flowers, or buy them gifts, but all of us still appreciate more gifts that are more thoughtful. The text on the card that comes with a flower bouquet is often much more important than the flowers themselves, no matter how beautiful. So is our voice on the phone. We’re relying on emails and text messages to say Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas, but people, especially older folks, like to hear the voices of their children and grandkids. And they probably still love greeting cards. Which is why I suggest that no matter what gift you get for someone, you get or make a greeting card to go with it.

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I had in mind some things of mine I wanted to show you, but to start with, here’s a hand-painted garden stone I found on Amazon.

Funny hand-painted garden stone for Grandparents Day
Hand-painted garden stone with bead accents:
Grandchildren welcome, parents by appointment
(affiliate image link)

Again, even though the stone is funny and stands on its own, it’s better if you pair it with a well-chosen card, even if it may arrive separately.

Well, well: I was looking to show you some personalized photo cards, the kind the grandparents can proudly display on their mantel, and found that the vast majority of the cards on Zazzle are for Grandma and Grandpa separately. So good luck if you’re looking for a card for Grandparents Day. I did find one, but it was black and white. Okay, it was elegant, but I wanted the photos in color. So I created one myself.

Elegant, trendy personalized photo collage card for Grandparents Day (4 images) with "Best Grandparents Ever!"
Modern, elegant Best Grandparents Ever personalized photo card
(affiliate image link)

Now some pillows, because you can never have enough pillows around the house, and I’m in love with the quality of Zazzle products. These throw pillows are machine washable and the print should last a long time provided that you wash the covers on cool cycles. I got a personalized pillow for a niece of mine and for a while she took it everywhere like a security blanket—without ruining the print!

Floral throw pillow for Grandparents Day with a photo and names of grandchildren
Happy Grandparents Day throw pillow with personalized photo
and grandkids’ names (affiliate image link)
Personalized photo throw pillow with Best Grandparents Ever, a photo, and the names of grandkids
Best Grandparents Ever throw pillow, with a photo and a heart
with the names of grandchildren (affiliate image link)
Watercolor-splashed throw pillow for Grandparents Day, with personalized names
Personalized throw pillow suitable for younger kids or for grandparents who like watercolors
(affiliate image link)

Okay, that was all for today. If you’ve enjoyed it, I’d really appreciate a pin or share! Thank you!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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