Art, Psychology, and Forks in the Road

Mountain landscape with a fork in a gravel road (Image by MargaD from Pixabay)

I was listening to a radio show recently and the guest, a very accomplished painter, was criticizing artists who go at it without a clear notion of what they want to create. Okay, but isn’t life like that too? Don’t we have to adjust to the meanings and futures that open up in our path? It would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it, to hold to notions we developed as children or young adults, so then why not approach art the same way we do life? Why not let it lead the way and see where it takes you?

I often write poems without knowing more than a first line. Or not even knowing that, and relying on a bubble of feelings inside, something I need to draw out and spell out. I believe a lot of people do that with their psychotherapist. They may go to their sessions without something specific to talk about, and the therapist pulls out various stories—but with the patient’s words, which is very important. In fact, I never realized how important this was until I wrote this analogy with a certain way of writing poetry—and in doing both I illustrated this notion of going where the road leads you but—and this is important—choosing at certain forks in the road to go one way or another after searching your soul anew at those junctures.

Taking stock is very important, and when I write poetry I assess not only of how I feel but also of where those feelings are taking me, and where I want to take them. You can really work on yourself quite a lot writing poetry. Also in therapy, if you find someone with the right personality and outlook.

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Much too often therapists are looking for certain labels for their patients/clients, and they prize themselves on doing it fast, sometimes in less than ten minutes. It can be quite a problem when the therapist is so misguided, and it puts people off seeking help, which is not good. A psychologist should be someone with authority and professional training who nevertheless embraces you as friends do and not someone who doesn’t even try to connect with you. Okay, I’ve seen lots of movies with therapists. But then I also hear stories from other people and even read certain books written by psychologists where I am not that enchanted by the authors. This is in contrast to a book like Sparked, by Jonathan Fields, where things are again simplified, but in a way with doesn’t blunt the richness of the types described. (The book is about activities that make people tick and it gives ten types of Sparketypes (R) or callings. We all have a primary, a secondary, and an anti Sparketype (R). Here’s a test to find out for yourself what activities best suit you. NB: I am not compensated in any way to write about this test and Fields’s book.)

Okay, that’s all I had for today. Time to watch Rafa Nadal Play against Sascha Zverev in the Roland Garros semifinals.

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I should really get to the match. I keep hearing words like “sensational” and “fantastic” regarding Rafa’s play 🙂

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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