Say Congratulations for Your Degree with Funny Graduation Cards and Mugs

It’s that time of the year again, when so many grads are throwing their mortarboard caps in the air in glee at having completed a course of study, whether that be a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, a PhD, an MD or JD, or something else.

Despite all the hoopla with online learning, traditional schooling still matters quite a lot, first and foremost because the student gets to interact with professors and colleagues in a way that can’t be replaced by online tools. They can add to those interactions and possibly refine them, but there’s nothing like one-on-one learning, and that type of learning happens, of course, even in larger classrooms, on account of the many fruitful conversations that come about in a college or university in a traditional setting. And the most important aspect of this learning is that it helps one grow not only professionally, but personally as well.

What is easy to forget in today’s heavily digitalized world is that the best way to grow as a human is to be exposed to many viewpoints and ways of thinking in an embodied form. You may read all you want articles in prestigious journals, posts on forums, comments to blog posts, etc., but if you don’t spend time in the company of people with very different backgrounds and ways of looking at the world, your development will lack wings. You will think you are aware and have internalized various issues, and that your attitudes reflect that, but, surprise, you may find, when you have to relate to flesh-and-blood persons that you’re not all that sure on your feet when it comes to accepting some of their responses to you, because you may not have worked enough on accepting how different other people may be, and how justified their attitudes may be if you take into account their background, experiences—as well as their studies and the environment where they pursued them.

I’m sure you can all think of examples where people differ in their attitudes and behaviors, but I, for one, am always struck by how people prioritize their time, their patience, and their energy. Do they have patience with a parent when they argue at cross purposes? Do they accept that a parent may need them much more as they age, even when they’re relatively healthy, and how do they act on it? What are their relationships with their siblings and their children? Do they dedicate their time and hearts to growing close friendships, or do they focus only on their spouse and children? Do they have time to do nice things for strangers? Do they value the impact strangers have on them, or do they mostly overlook it? And so on, and so forth. And then the harder questions: if other people’s answers do not align with yours, can you accept that they may have their reasons compelling them to act and see things differently?

Speaking of strangers and friendships, there’s lots of that in college and university—one of the best things these academic institutions can offer.

So by all means, let’s be happy for recent grads as we hope that they have worked not only on their studies but on themselves as well. Unfortunately, the latter happens less these days, and not only since the pandemic, but since the vast development of the internet, which brought many good things, but in many cases also stole the heart of people’s teenage years and early twenties, as more and more people took to spending way too much of their spare time behind their computer screens and phones/smartphones.

But enough about this! Here are some funny and fun ways to congratulate recent graduates on their accomplishments!

Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links, at no additional cost to you. I am a Zazzle Associate and designer, and I earn commissions when you buy products through my referral links. All affiliate links on this blog are identified as such. Here’s my Full Disclosure.

First, a mug with an image I created with the help of an illustrator, showing a young woman typing at her desk, surrounded by lots of books. You can personalize it with the type of degree your woman student is getting.

Funny and cute woman researcher typing at laptop. Books strewn everywhere. Customizable mug reads, "Congrats on your Master's degree!"
Funny mug with Congrats on Your Master’s degree
and a young woman researching books
and typing away (affiliate image link)

Here’s a better look at the illustration, on a card offering congratulations for the completion of a PhD degree (whew!). Make sure you personalize the text inside by changing at least the name of the young woman—and also change the type of degree, if you need to.

Congratulations card for a recipient of a PhD or any other academic degree, with a funny and cute illustration of a woman researcher typing away at her laptop, surrounded by books.
Funny and cute card for a recent woman PhD recipient. Remember to personalize it!

Here are some other cards, created by other designers.

Funny graduation card, reading, "You did it! You graduated! Now you are like smart and stuff," and inside, "Congratulations!"
You did it! Now you are smart and stuff. Funny graduation card (© i Smiled You Store) (affiliate image link)
Funny card for a cool cat graduate with a kitten wearing glasses, a tie, a sort of gown and a mortarboard cap
Congratulations, you cool cat! Humorous graduation card (© Miss Myrtie’s (TM) Funny Pet Postcards, Cards & Gifts)
(affiliate image link)

And a funny card for dog lovers as well! 🙂

Congratulations on graduation card with a cute dog wearing a blue mortarboard cap
It was Ruff but you did it! Cute dog wearing a mortarboard cap (© Black Dog Art) (affiliate image link)

And now some very funny birds 😀

Funny birds wearing mortarboard caps/ Congratulations card for recent graduates
Congratulations on your graduation. Funny card with different birds in graduation caps (© Jenn’s Doodle World)
(affiliate image link)

Finally, here are some more mugs.

Funny mug for a JD recipient. Reads, "Three years of study and sleep deprivation sound almost noble in Latin."
Juris Doctor. Three years of study and sleep deprivation.
Funny mug for a JD recipient (© Bad Poetry Goods)
(affiliate image link)
It's not Miss, Ms., or Mrs. It's Dr. Actually. Humorous PhD or MD graduation mug for her
It’s Dr. Actually (© GOUPClub) (affiliate image link)
"You can call me doctor" graduation mug
You can call me doctor. Humor for the recipient
of a PhD or MD degree
(© Graduation Gifts, T-shirts & Gear)
(affiliate image link)
Funny mug for a recent graduate: "Even a global pandemic couldn't help me!"
Mug with graduation humor: “Even a global pandemic
couldn’t stop me!” (© Gifts and Giggles)
(affiliate image link)

I hope this post has been useful (if you were looking for humorous graduation cards and mugs), or at least given you some reasons to smile.

To a happier, healthier life,


P.S. As always, pins and shares are much appreciated! 🙂

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