Some Unique Ways to Say I Love You, Mom (and Second Mom) on Mother’s Day

Mothers are a blessing in this world, making the latter a little better as they give of their love, transformed by caring for another completely, not only to their children but also to friends and strangers. True, moms can also be difficult, but then again, mothering is really hard, and a mother never ceases to become one once her children are grown. They get ready not only to become grandmas, but also to help their children in any way they can. Well, sometimes they don’t, because they may struggle more than their children will ever know, but I do believe that in their heart of hearts a mother is changed in profound ways once she gives birth to a child or gets to adopt or otherwise get to care and become responsible for one. Often even foster mothers are profoundly loving, not to mention that sometimes friends or pure strangers can become amazing second mothers. All these people should be celebrated at Mother’s Day—along with favorite aunts, of course 🙂 And godmothers, should you have one!

And . . . I set about to create some mugs for all these special people, to include all the elements I care about: World’s Best (Mom, Aunt, Godmother, Foster Mom, Second Mom), photo, and quotes such as “love you more than words can say.”

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But first, here’s a sign that speaks in plain terms, mentioning ordinary occurrences, about the home children will always find inside their mother’s heart and in her house.

One day, when my children are grown sign (affiliate image link)

I also want to show this mug, with “Mom, you are my sunshine,” appropriately dyed yellow inside.

White mug dyed yellow inside with the words "Mom, you are my sunshine" inside a floral frame.
Sunshiny mug for Mom for Mother’s Day (affiliate image link)

And now, ta-daaa, my mugs!

Note that they all have a custom photo on their left side. You can personalize that photo along with the words “I love you”/”We love you” and “World’s Best Mom” (and the other mother figures). You can also change the greeting “Happy Mother’s Day” to “Happy Birthday” or anything else that fits on that line (you can even spill into a second line, but not for its whole length because you’d then run into the love you line).

Mother's Day photo mug for a World's Best Mom, with the words "We love you more than words can say"
We love you (World’s Best) Mom Photo Mug
Custom photo mug with We love you more than words can say, for a World's Best Aunt
We love you more than words can say, for an aunt
(affiliate image link)
We love you more than words can say, personalize photo mug for a World's Best Godmother
Love you photo mug, for the World’s Best Godmother
(affiliate image link)

Often foster mothers, especially in financially-challenged households, get less love by the way of custom mugs or similar products (personalized pillows, etc.). But I feel a custom mug is really a worthwhile gift. I am a mug person and treasure mine. And I created this one to be offered by all the kids of a foster parent together.

World's Best Foster Mom photo mug, love you more than words, Happy Mother's Day
World’s Best Foster Mom, Happy Mother’s Day
(affiliate image link)

I also created a mug for people looking for special presents for a “second mother.” A second mother can be a foster mom, of course, but it can also refer to a friend-slash-mother, or to an adult who takes care of a young person after the latter leaves home for college, for instance, but may feel stranded there, especially if this teenage person or twenty-something has severed ties with their birth parents, and so forth. There are many cases where pure strangers take young adults in when the latter are going through rough times, and oftentimes these relationships turn into a mix of friendship and parental guidance, care, and love. For all these situations I have created the “I love you more than words can say” second mother photo mugs.

World's Best Second Mom photo mug, "I love you more than words can say"
World’s Best Second Mom, Mother’s Day Photo Mug
(affiliate image link)

I almost forgot grandmothers! Please don’t forget them on Mother’s Day! 🙂 World’s Best Grandmother mug coming right up 🙂

Feel free to replace Grandma with Nana, or any other endearing term.

Mother's Day photo mug for Grandma, we love you more than words can say
We love you Grandma, more than words
(affiliate image link)

Also remember pillows! Zazzle has high-quality products, and their pillows are no exception. These are made from a heavyweight stretch, wrinkle-free 100% polyester fabric.

Custom pillow for a Mom Extraordinaire, with two photos, names, year, and Mother's Day or other occasion
Mother’s Day (or birthday) pillow for a Mom Extraordinaire, with personalized photos, names and year, front and back
(affiliate image link)

The above design is a little on the staid, serious side with its color bands and the photos. If you’re looking for a cute design with happy colors, and not necessarily for a custom photo pillow, then here’s a set of floral pillow covers from Amazon, with four such covers for Mother’s Day. I find this set, with its happy design, to be really special.

Mother's Day Best Mom Ever cute floral pillow covers
Best Mom Ever + Happy Mother’s Day pillow covers (affiliate image link)

There are also some art gifts on Amazon which I especially like, such as this customizable canvas with “MOM is just a reflection of WOW.” Note that you can buy it framed or as a block mount and you can also choose from various sizes.

Mother's Day canvas with custom names saying "Mom is just a reflection of Wow"
Mom is just a reflection of Wow, canvas with personalized names for Mother’s Day (affiliate image link)

Thank you for visiting! I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and found something useful. As always, pins and shares are much appreciated!

To a happier, healthier life, and a very happy Mother’s Day for your mom and the other mom figures in your life,


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