Celebrating Your Favorite, Lovable Aunt Extraordinaire / Best Auntie Ever (BAE)

A favorite aunt—or two—can be a blessing in the life of a child, particularly during teenage, but then also as that teenager grows into an adult. Parents can be strict or demanding, but an aunt often comes with the mystery of another way of seeing things. She also doesn’t have to be strict with you, because that’s not her business. Her business, it seems, is to offer a new channel of communication, especially when you’re a child and teenager, and you’re searching for multiple role figures in your life. The role of a favorite aunt is to be understanding and open to various soul adventures where she takes care of you while encouraging you to grow in new directions. I had and have two BAE in my life and it’s amazing how with the passage of time I discover that they, too, are growing in their lives, even at an old age. I feel blessed to be privy to that as I continue to stay in touch with them.

I think favorite aunts should be celebrated, much as they celebrated us when we were kids when they established a special connection with us—much as they still cherish this special connection even when we are now grownups and so different from our teenage days. Just as it’s important to celebrate our parents, it’s important to realize that in a way, part of who we are was molded by a BAE or another.

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Bearing the above in mind, I created some cards, mugs, and pillows for lovable aunts, or aunts extraordinaires, who have reached an age where they deserve to be spoiled a little, much as they spoiled us with their attention when we were kids and teenagers.

I call a BAE (Best Aunt Ever) an aunt extraordinaire. It’s a sweeter, warmer word than extraordinary, even as it conveys that quality in full. Here are some of my designs for favorite aunts in your life. I hope you’ll remember them on Mother’s Day and at Christmas, not only on their birthdays.

Here’s a personalized peonies card to start with.

Best Aunt Ever personalized aunt extraordinaire greeting card
A greeting card for your favorite aunt on special occasions
(affiliate image link)

But if your thing is mugs, I have a few designs on mugs too. The better selling one is the first one but I personally like the other two as well (one for right-handed people and one for lefties). Remember that you can customize the Mother’s Day mugs to fit any other occasion, so don’t be thrown off by that (custom) text.

Cute personalized photo mug for a BAE (Best Aunt Ever)
Cute custom photo mug for an Aunt Extraordinaire
(affiliate image link)
Custom mug with 3 photos for a favorite, BAE aunt
Personalized Mother’s Day photo mug for a Best Aunt Ever
(affiliate image link)
Photo mug for a special aunt, can be customized for a special occasion with text and 3 images
Photo mug for a BAE on a special occasion, with 3 images
(affiliate image link)

As you can see, the two mugs above have templates for three horizontal photos. I personally like the idea of photo mugs and Zazzle does a great job printing the photos. Now, in terms of the text. As I mentioned, you can use it for whatever occasion you need to. Also, if you don’t like the font, you can click on Edit and change the font in the design platform. It’s all rather straightforward. In fact, I’ll make two more mugs right now with a different font, and will insert here the mug for a rightie.

Here it is. Note that, as with the two mugs above, if you need to write three lines of text, the text both will expand upward and downward for you to be able to do that.

Custom birthday mug for a favorite aunt (Best Aunt Ever)
Custom photo mug for favorite aunt’s birthday
(affiliate image link)

Okay, pillows now. I was inspired to do some with bands of color and they do look nice, if I may say so myself. Here’s the most popular one in the Best Aunt Ever—and the like—category. I am reminded looking at it that I chose the word “Auntie.” Some people don’t like it, preferring “aunt,” but I like “auntie” better. It’s more informal and often tends to suggest a deeper rapport—but then it also happens to be the version used for older ladies in some cultures. So then some people may prefer the less culturally-inflected “aunt.” You can choose whichever version you prefer by customizing that top band of text on Zazzle.

Also note that if you click on Edit, you can even change the bands to other colors. So if your aunt prefers certain hues or she has recently redecorated her home and painted her walls a certain way, feel free to let that guide your inspiration into making this pillow completely your own.

Custom-made pillow for a Best Auntie Ever, with personalized photos and names. Design includes bands of different colors.
Best Auntie Ever pillow with personalized names and photos
(affiliate image link)

If you’re looking for a more elegant design, I have a floral pillow with BAE.

Elegant floral pillow for your favorite, BAE aunt
Elegant Best Auntie Ever floral pillow (affiliate image link)

I also found a great natural wood photo frame on Amazon that you may like.

Engraved natural wood picture frame with the text "I love my Auntie"
I love my Auntie photo frame
(affiliate image link)

And here’s a stainless-steel tumbler with “Best Auntie Ever.” Chances are your favorite aunt already owns a few tumblers, but this one is a looker in terms of the writing design + I really like its turquoise color.

Best Auntie Ever stainless-steel tumbler
Special tumbler for a special lady
(affiliate image link)

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. Thank you for reading!

As always, pins and shares are much appreciated!

To a happier, healthier life,


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