Cute Personalized Book Stamps for Children and Adults

A book in the grass, with daisies and clover
Enjoying a book in nature, amid clover and daisies (Image by congerdesign from Pixabay)

In these troubled times, we’re all looking for more stories. We read to find these stories, and, if we are writers or parents or psychologists, or pretty much everyone, whether in a social situation or alone, we tell ourselves more or less original stories as well. Children, in particular, are more obvious when they do that because they play with their dolls and they often speak aloud. I remember a girl from my childhood. She used to come with her dolls and plastic cups and plates to the stairs of our apartment building, and feed her dolls there and play with their hair. Sometimes I joined her, but this girl was also very happy to play alone for long stretches of time. People would come in and out of the building and talk to her a little, leaving her then to her dolls.

I often wonder what path she took in life, whether she continued her interest in playing and in stories. She definitely played with her dolls more than I did. And she also was more prone to inventing stuff, whereas at the time I loved to read loads of fairy tales, even as I scribbled some super basic tales of my own as well.

So anyway, thinking of the importance of stories for all of us I created some rubber stamps with the “This book belong to” statement and a personalized name, along with some cute mascots for bookplates: bookish owls and penguins, cute cats, and unicorns, thinking that while some people borrow everything from libraries, others like to have their own copies of certain favorite books.

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Here are some of my cute book stamps for kids and adults. The first one is of a cute baby penguin that also manages to be quite chic.

Note that the designs on these stamps are actually crisper than they appear in this post.

Book stamp for kids with baby penguin and a personalized name
Cute baby penguin, book stamp for kids
(affiliate image link)

For boys, I have a bookplate image with a cute, enthusiastic tiger.

"This book belongs to" stamp for kids with a cute standing tiger
Custom book stamp for kids (boys), with a cute tiger
(affiliate image link)

If your boy is less hyper and tiger-like, and more penguin-like sweet (not that the above tiger isn’t sweet!), I have a smiling and unruffled little penguin that may be a good fit.

Book stamp for boys with a cute smiling penguin wearing a scarf
This book belongs to a cute little penguin,
personalized book stamp (affiliate image link)

A mascot that seems to be quite loved is the owl, a symbol of wisdom in Ancient Greece. And, lo and behold, children can be quite wise even when they are three years old. In fact, I’ve often wondered how come they can be unperturbed and actually quite inspired by all the phantasmagorical and philosophical elements of some fairy tales, with emperors turning into butterflies as they dream and asking themselves who’s the dreamer and who’s the dream, with trees that turn into beings that speak, and birds that position themselves into a file for a couple to walk on them as if on a bridge. Yes, I, too, have been reading and rereading fairy tales and folktales recently, and it’s doing me a lot of good. But to come back to my point, children are uniquely positioned, to use business speak, to embrace these stories and their messages, because they are at a stage when so much more balances between the possible and the real. Things are fuzzy at this stage, starting with the notion of time, the one that strikes us blow after blow when we grow up and feel ever more bound by it.

So anyway, here are some book stamps for fans of owls. The first one works well for little kids, given the large letters of the “This book belongs to” phrase.

Personalized book stamp for kids with first and last name and an owl on a book
Book stamp for kids, cute owl (affiliate image link)

Here’s another version of this bookish owl. This one works for older children and adults.

Ex libris book stamp with an owl perched on a book and a personalized name
Cute owl perched on book, personalized book stamp
(affiliate image link)

Moving on to unicorns. These too are popular in my store because kids are star-struck by these celebrities of the folk tales realm, intermediaries between heaven and earth (or simply beautiful horses with an amazing, magical horn that can heal the sick, and the ability to fly, which is impressive on its own).

In the following example and a few others, I included text for a custom address as well. Also, note that the mane and tail of the unicorn below have a suggestion of glitter—again an element that little girls are quite fond of.

Ex libris book stamp for kids (girls) with a unicorn with simulated glitter in his mane and tale. Custom name and address
Magical unicorn book stamp for little girls,
with personalized name and address
(affiliate image link)

I also have a girly, cute glam unicorn with large eyes and lashes, elfish ears, and flowers on its forehead, for girls who see themselves as an unicorn.

Glamorous unicorn for little girls on an ex libris book plate with a personalized name
Elfish unicorn for little girls. Personalized book stamp
(affiliate image link)

And now cats (yaaay!), for both kids and adults. Cats are so many things at once: cute and mysterious, playful and yet very spoiled, loyal and yet so independent and moody, spiritual and, again, so very spoiled on this material plane. As mascots, they can also be chic and cute and lovable, and a lot of other good things—until they scratch you, that is. But mostly, if you give them their own space and don’t try to push them too hard with medicine when they’re sick, they are quite lovable and sweet. Oh, and did I mention elegant? 🙂

Here are some of my book rubber stamps / bookplates with kittens and cats, starting with an elegant mascot with cute whiskers; with text for customized name and address.

Ex libris bookplate with an elegant cat with a large scarf. Includes custom name and address
Bookplate design with an elegant cat
+ personalized name and address (affiliate image link)

I also have a version of the above book stamp without the address.

Personalized book stamp with a chic, elegant cat
Elegant cat mascot on a personalized bookplate
(affiliate image link)

Also a rubber stamp design with just the cat’s elegant silhouette.

Book rubber stamp with a chic, elegant cat and a personalized name
Elegant cat silhouette on a personalized book stamp
(affiliate image link)

And here’s a kawaii (“cute”) kitten for little kids (girls)—and not only for them!

Ex libris bookplate with a kawaii cute kitten and a personalized name
Kawaii cute kitten bookplate

I hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation and found a thing or two to your liking! 🙂

As always, pins and shares are much appreciated!

To a happier, healthier life,


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