Born to play . . . sometime at Australian Open!

Rafael Nadal playing in Melbourne, Australia
Rafael Nadal in Melbourne, Australia, in 2012 (Image by moerschy from Pixabay)

The 2022 Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament starts next week. The qualifiers have started already. Many tennis fans are already engaged in Australian Open news as there is much debate and much ado, so to speak, about the participation of Novak Djokovic. Unfortunately one of my tennis heroes, Roger Federer, is struggling to get back in shape after a third knee surgery and will not be participating. Neither is Dominic Thiem, who has decided to start the season small after a wrist injury in June 2021. Stan Wawrinka is also not playing, as he had surgery on his left food last year and is still recovering.

On the women’s draw, Serena Williams, Karolina Pliskova, and Bianca Andreescu won’t be participating in the 2022 Australian Open. Serena Williams withdrew due to injury, Karolina Pliskova is also injured, having hurt her right hand in training last December, and Bianca Andreescu has been feeling the weight of the past two years especially hard, in addition to recuperating from a torn meniscus in October 2019 after winning the U.S. Open that summer.

British sensation Emma Raducanu, who won a Grand Slam (last year’s U.S. Open) after starting that race as a qualifier (first time it happened in tennis history) is in good spirits but unfortunately not in the best shape after not having played in competitions for two months. She lost her first match of 2022 to Elena Rybakina with the score 0-6, 1-6. Still, she is hopeful that she can do a good job at Australian Open.

And Rafael Nadal, who hadn’t played since August last year due to a foot injury, won his 89th title at Melbourne a few days ago, his first title in Australia in 13 years.

It remains to be seen who will win this year’s Australian Open, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nadal does in the men’s singles. He certainly does appear sometimes as if he’s struggling too hard physically, but when he finds a good rhythm he can beat anyone. Can’t tell much about a likely winner in the women’s singles, but if Simona Halep is in good shape, she has a fighting chance.

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I cannot wait to watch some Australian Open matches starting next week. Until then, I’ll leave you with some tennis designs I designed for future champions, be they babies, kids, or young men and women. Here they are (the designs, that is, on bodysuits and tees).

Born to play tennis bodysuit for baby girls and boys
Born to play tennis baby bodysuit (affiliate image link)
Born to play tennis, tee for baby girls or boys, with tennis racquet and ball
Born to play tennis baby tee,
with tennis racquet and ball (affiliate image link)

Since I mentioned tennis balls in the captions, I also have a design for tennis lovers with a different, humorous slogan, “Life requires determination. And a ball.” I’m showing below the T-shirt for women, but you can, of course, order it for men too 🙂

Women's tee with the funny tennis slogan "Life requires determination. And a ball."
Funny tennis T-shirt with the slogan
Life requires determination. And a ball.
(affiliate image link)

Back to the previous design, here’s a T-shirt for an adult man. Note that you can easily choose on Zazzle the same design for women on a number of T-shirt options. You can also choose this slogan with the racquet and ball design on smaller T-shirts for kids.

Men's tee with Born to play slogan, along with an illustration of a tennis racquet and ball
T-shirt with Born to play slogan,
tennis racquet, and ball (affiliate image link)

I also have another version. See below.

Baby T-shirt with the slogan "born to play" over a large tennis ball
Baby tee with the born to play slogan
and a tennis ball (affiliate image link)

And . . . I have also used the “born to play” slogan on tennis balls! These are Penn Championships balls.

Note that the personalized name and the “born to play” tagline come in burgundy red, blue, and green. These color options are linked on Zazzle to the tennis ball shown below.

Tennis ball with the slogan "born to play" and a personalized name
Born to play tennis, personalized ball
(affiliate image link)

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you found it helpful in any way, I’d appreciate a pin or share 🙂

Enjoy the 2022 edition of Australian Open!

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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