Happy New Year 2022!

Running track with 2022 painted on it
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Any New Year’s resolutions? Here I’m aiming at a more active social life after the dampers of 2020 and 2021 and also (wait for it) with more exercise! Healthy food is important but exercise is equally paramount in maintaining the good health of body and brain. We often forget that or have other priorities, but I challenge you to try to walk while watching movies, and you’ll see what a difference that exercise makes in your life. I’ve started doing that this year in earnest and it’s great, because it saves time and it’s also wonderful to walk while watching a good movie, even better than walking on a treadmill while reading magazines (as I used to do; not that I don’t love treadmills—I do).

You could also try walking back and forth while talking on the phone, as I also started to do in this pandemic in order to get more exercise.

Calisthenics are also great, and you don’t need to set aside time for them if you don’t have much time or your body is not yet in good shape for all the exercises you are aiming at. You can simply roll your neck and shoulders, arms and hips and legs while waiting for a meal to heat in the microwave, for instance.

You could also start dancing while you’re waiting for stuff to happen in the kitchen. I am doing that while waiting for the tea water to boil and it makes me feel incredibly good in my body. And I discovered I can dance in so many ways, it’s incredible. Keep in mind that our bodies need to express themselves too (so to speak)! Just as we may want to gesture when we express things, our bodies may need to move in certain ways as we listen to music.

Also, if you are healthy enough to run, by all means do that! I have a herniated back so I can’t, but I used to run when I was in my twenties and I remember I loved it (also loved the music in my headphones, of course).

Hugs and all the best to you in 2022, starting with good health and continuing with all sorts of wonderful things big and small!

Happy 2022!

To a healthier, happier life,


P.S. What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

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