TT: Two Great Ways to Relieve Neck Tension

Businesswoman at her laptop, checking her phone, drinking coffee. Bound to get a stiff neck!
(Image by Firmbee from Pixabay)

Today’s Tip is about two wonderful ways to relax a stiff, achy neck, the result, most often than not, of sitting too long at a computer, without pausing for needed breaks. Which, of course, easily leads to tight muscles in the neck and shoulder areas.

If rolling your neck forward and backward and around doesn’t do the job, depending on where your muscles are too tight, and provided you do not have any medical problems in the area, consider lying on your back—and moving gently—over tennis balls placed below the problem areas, or using a twist memory foam pillow under your neck and letting your head fall back in the air, for instance by lying down on a table up to its edge, or sideways in bed.

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If you don’t play tennis, don’t worry: tennis balls are not that expensive, especially if you aren’t going to use and wear them down on a tennis court. Here are some Wilson balls. Of course, you’ll probably need only a single can.

Tennis balls can be very useful if you have tight muscles in your back
You can use tennis balls to relieve neck tension; less than $10 per can (affiliate image link)

Another great way to ease your stiff muscles (but again, make sure you don’t have any cervical spine problems or other kinds of afflictions in that area), is to let your head drop for a few minutes (if it’s okay with you) at the edge of a table or your bed, supported by a twist memory foam pillow like the one below—which may also become a great addition to your travel gear, should you decide to get it, as you can easily use it with all sorts of makeshift sleeping environments, including power naps on the back seat of a car, your head leaning against the window (this time, most comfortably).

This bendable roll pillow comes with a cotton cover that’s easily washable.

Dot&Dot twisty, bendable roll travel pillow
Twist memory foam travel pillow from Dot¨ selling now at $24.99 (affiliate image link)

Of course, whichever of these two solutions you go for, make sure you stretch your neck every day if your health permits (including back and forth movements, rotations, and movements from side to side), and try to get massages from massage therapists as often as you can—besides their topical effects, they are such a great way to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind!

Whole-body massages help with stiff muscles and overall health
Therapist doing a shoulder massage (Image by Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay)

To a happier, healthier life,


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