Give Someone a Thanksgiving Gift Basket

I always “rejoice” when I receive a Christmas basket. Even though I can afford to buy most items it may contain, the fact that it’s a gift with gourmet food I may not have considered or seen in stores makes such a basket very special.

Thanksgiving care packages can be equally appreciated, especially if the recipient is not very skilled at cooking. Also, consider that so many people will be rather lonely on Thanksgiving, or only in the company of another friend or couple. To these people a Thanksgiving basket could make a whole lot of difference, especially if they’re elderly and on a budget and don’t spoil themselves very often with gourmet food.

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I hope you’ll consider this idea. Here are some baskets I found that I’m excited about.

Thanksgiving Gourmet Gift Basket
with pumpkin loaf, cookies, brownies, and assorted rugelach (affiliate image link)
Cranberry Sausage and Cheese Basket (affiliate image link)
New England Breakfast Gift Basket (affiliate image link)
Assorted Biscotti Box (affiliate image link)
Assorted Biscotti Box, 18 decorated cookies (affiliate image link)

Admittedly, biscotti are not quite Thanksgiving fare, but they can be a nice complement to a Thanksgiving dinner and post-Thanksgiving lunches. I think they would make for a great Thanksgiving morning, not least because they are likely to put anyone in a good mood (if they can handle wheat flour, that is) and give them energy as they (continue to) prepare a Thanksgiving feast.

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