Christmas Family Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

While last year in lockdown parents were flocking online to find nice jigsaw puzzles with natural scenes, animals, castles, etc. for their kids, this year a growing trend is getting family members and close friends puzzles with collages of family images as unique Christmas photo gifts. Young kids, in particular, will really enjoy putting together puzzles with the face of kids about their age, or newborns they have just met.

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Which is why I created a 110-piece puzzle (8″ x 10″), suitable for kids aged 5 or 6, so they can further enjoy spending time with a little baby that has recently arrived to their extended family. Specifically, as I created this puzzle I was thinking of cousins as well as friends of the older sibling.

Of course, you can also use such a puzzle to introduce a newborn to various members of your family in a unique way. It includes two photos, one horizontal and one vertical, Santa’s sleigh, full of presents, pulled by a unicorn, and the greeting “Merry Christmas!” along with the names of the family members gifting this puzzle.

Family photos with a newborn, Santa and a unicorn, and Christmas decoration in an easy, 110-piece puzzle
Newborn keepsake puzzle, unique Christmas gift;
8″ x 10″, 110 pieces (affiliate image link)

For kids aged 9 or 10 in the family or your circle of friends, I created a challenging puzzle, with 520 pieces. It’s double in size: 16″ x 20″.

Difficult puzzle for kids aged 9 or 10 (520 pieces) with two family photos and a Christmas theme
Family photo puzzle with a Christmas theme that includes Santa and an unicorn;
520 pieces, 16″ x 20″ (affiliate image link)

Note that you can easily change the size of the puzzle on Zazzle. The above collage, for instance, coverts beautifully to 11″ x 14″, for instance. That’s 252 pieces, suitable for kids aged 7 or 8.

I also created simpler collages, without Christmas references, for families who want to use such make-your-own jigsaw puzzles on other occasions, for instance grandma’s birthday. Here’s one example, with two smaller horizontal photos and one larger vertical one.

Family photo collage on a puzzle, unique holidays gift showcasing children's hobbies; 11" x 14", 252 pieces
Family photo puzzle for the holidays with a child or children’s hobbies;
11″ x 14″, 252 pieces (affiliate image link)

As suggested by the template images in this third example, you can use family photo jigsaw puzzles to showcase your children’s talents and hobbies. To continue with the cousins example, maybe children that put together a puzzle with photos of one of their cousins dancing may be tempted to try some dancing themselves, or pursue more seriously other interests of their own.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation. If you found anything helpful, I’d appreciate a share/pin 🙂

To a happier, healthier life,


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