TT: One tbsp of maple syrup instead of dessert

Maple syrup bottle in the snow (Image by Jody Parks from Pixabay)

Today’s Tip is about maple syrup. I haven’t bought any in years, because it’s expensive here in Romania. Then a few days ago I found a bottle of organic Grade A maple syrup for a good price at a popular German supermarket (DM), much more affordable than a similar product available at another popular supermarket here in Bucharest, so I seized the opportunity and decided that if I buy honey at similar prices, I should buy maple syrup as well, and use it sparingly to nourish my body and soothe my sweet tooth. With a mild cold that’s dragging me down for weeks I figured I needed it, since maple sryup, like honey, is full of minerals—in fact much more so (honey contains only trace amounts of vitamins and minerals but then raw honey contains important digestive enzymes, amino acids, and phenolic compounds).

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One cup of maple syrup (322 g) contains 22% DV calcium, 21% DV iron, 11% DV magnesium, 19% DV potassium, 89% DV zinc (which is very important for the immune system), 12% DV copper, 531% DV manganese (NB: in general, people need only small amounts of manganese and too much of it may be detrimental to the body, which is why it may not be a good idea to eat pancakes with lots of maple syrup; too much manganese interferes with the absorption of iron and more than 11 mg a day may even lead to Parkinsonian-like tremors; according to the previously-linked article, adults should aim for 1.8–2.3 mg a day), 3% DV selenium, and 1% DV phosporus and sodium. While it only contains traces of vitamins, maple syrup does contain phenolic compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And it’s less sweet than honey.

So here’s to maple syrup! I had two oat crackers with black olive paste (some sort of tapenade) and then a tablespoon of maple syrup as a snack today, followed by a cup of instant chicory with water and soy milk and a number of stevia drops. It was enough to give me energy for two and a half hours. So why eat empty “colorful” calories in desserts that don’t even taste that great when you can go by with a few titbits. True, I’d also eaten a slice of pizza, but it was made of good stuff. My point is to avoid artificial things like sweetened flavored yogurt (which may not even be yogurt), things like that.

Enjoy your snacks and I hope you’ll keep a bottle of real maple syrup (affiliate link) handy! Also keep in mind that such a product makes for great gifts! The bottle below from Nokomis sells for $9.99 (8.4 oz/250 ml).

Canadian maple syrup, Grade A, organic, from Nokomis
Canadian organic, Grade A maple syrup at a bargain price
(affiliate image link)

Or, if you prefer organic Grade A maple syrup from Vermont, here’s Coombs, 16 fl oz for only $12.60.

Organic Grade A Maple Syrup from Coombs, Vermont
Organic Maple Syrup, Grade A, from Coombs Family Farms
(affiliate image link)

Also, here’s a glass bottle of organic maple syrup, grade A, dark, from Maple Valley Cooperative in Wisconsin, 32 fl oz/1 quart.

Dark organic maple syrup, grade A, from Mapple Valley Cooperative, 1 quart
Organic maple syrup, grade A, dark, from Maple Valley Cooperative
(affiliate image link)

Or maybe you want to try aged maple syrup. Here’s one of the best brands for that, Crown Maple. Budget-friendly too! Here’s 25 fl oz bottle of organic maple syrup aged in bourbon barrels, at only $25!

Crown organic maple syrup aged in bourbon barrels
Crown Maple (R)
Organic Maple Syrup,
Bourbon Barrel Aged
(affiliate image link)

To a happier, healthier life,


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