Wishes from Children to Their Dad for Father’s Day Cards, and More

Father and daughter on the beach, at the edge of the sea, with feet in water (Father's Day wishes)
Father and Water on the Beach, Feet in Water (Photo by cocoparisienne from Pixabay)

Father’s Day is coming up on June 20 in the US and I imagine many people are scrambling for the perfect words to accompany a card for their dad. Some people find these words easily, as a friend of mine who constantly says her parents are her heroes (which inspired me to make a card to that effect as well). Other people have trouble finding the right message, and they settle on things like “Have a very special day.” I feel that’s fine (your loved ones will know what you mean—will see the love behind that wish). But if you do want something different, here are some suggestions for messages from children to their father:

Dear Dad, you’re the bestest! (a more fun version of You’re the best/Best Dad Ever)

I’ll always remember the times we shared last summer when, among other things, you bought me fifteen books and encouraged me to pursue my passion for writing (a message where you get specific)

Hi Dad, have a very special Father’s Day! (as I said, this is okay, really)

Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing dad I could ever ask for!

Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for always being there for me! / for always knowing how to be there for me when I need it most

Thank you for encouraging my dreams!

Thank you for making a better fighter out of me!

To a Dad Extraordinaire, Happy Father’s Day!

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Here are more messages from children to their dad: Thank you for

  • your amazing father’s love
  • your near-infinite patience, kindness, and understanding
  • being a great father, friend, and teacher
  • always encouraging me/us to dream big and work hard to make my/our dreams come true
  • your words of wisdom and your acts of love
  • loving me unconditionally
  • making me feel I’m enough even as you encourage me to aim higher
  • always supporting me in my endeavors
  • boosting my confidence in subtle but powerful ways
  • showing love in the most amazing ways
  • being your amazing self

And here’s a card and some mugs for Father’s Day. Note that they work for birthdays as well (you just change the message in the template). The main design element includes three customizable photos seen through transparent DAD letters. Also note that you can customize all the text as well. Enjoy!

Bestest Dad Ever Father's Day card, with Dad in transparent letters through which we can see 3 custom photos
Bestest Dad Ever Father’s Day Customizable Card
(affiliate image link)
Bestest Dad Ever photo mug (3 photos through DAD letters)
Bestest Dad Ever Custom Photo Mug
(affiliate image link)
Love you Dad photo mug (with 3 custom photos in see-through, transparent DAD letters)
Love You, Dad Custom Photo Mug
(affiliate image link)
Best Dad You photo mug (with 3 custom photos through transparent DAD letters)
Best Dad You Custom Photo Mug
(affiliate image link)

And here’s a keychain as well. Make sure you personalize the text on the back!

Best Dad Ever custom photo keychain, double-sided (with customizable text on the back)
Best Dad Ever Customizable Photo Keychain
(affiliate image link)

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To a happier, healthier life,


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