Cute Love Pillows for Kids

In these difficult times, kids need to be reassured that things are not as dire as they may seem, and that the love of their parents and dear ones around them will carry them through to better times. With these thoughts in mind and with the help of IMteam Designs, I created three pillows for kids, with two trees in spring, summer, and autumn, and two birds holding a “LOVE” banner from one tree to the other. You can customize the back of each pillow with the name of the kid who will receive it.

Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links, at no additional cost to you. I am a Zazzle Associate and designer, and I earn commissions when you buy products through my referral links. All affiliate links on this blog are identified as such. Here’s my Full Disclosure.

Here they are:

Pillow for kids, spring, birds holding LOVE banner (affiliate image link)
Pillow for kids with trees in summer and birds holding a large LOVE banner
LOVE pillow for kids, summer (affiliate image link)
LOVE pillow for kids with trees in autumn and birds holding a large banner for encouragement
LOVE pillow for kids, with birds in trees holding a banner. It’s now fall/autumn
(affiliate image link)


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