Thoughts on Serenity at the Beach + Decorative Pillows and Inspirational Fridge Magnets

Come summer or when revisiting memories of summer, it often feels to me that there’s no place to soothe away the worries of your life like the beach. Whether it’s an empty beach inviting to meditation or one crowded with people, the splash of the ocean or sea waves usually manage to take your thoughts away on a journey, or simply plump you firmly in the moment, in a place where you are only aware of baking in the sun or the movement of your legs through the surf that rolls onto the sand, pushing your ankles a little with every breaking wave.

It feels so good to walk there on the shore, by the surf, and it feels good to both resist the sea and give in to it, because sooner or later you are prompted to either go for a swim in the sea or allow yourself to be taken over by the waters of said sea as you sit down at the edge of the beach. Whichever you choose, the splashing of the waves are loud enough to engulf your attention and draw your mind away from other people into a place where you find . . . serenity. And some healing from one or more wounds you carry inside, which is bound to happen after a certain age. Also peace and bliss coming out of a place of pure joy if you’re a kid with a happy childhood.

Unfortunately, we don’t all live by the sea, or can go to the sea on the weekends. But the memories stay and possibly the lessons as well: there is a way to abstract yourself from the crowds, to fall into yourself, in a good way, with the help of nature, and, finally, you may get the sense that it’s important to give in to the larger things of this life and world, not only in order to have a better grasp at yourself but also to accept that there are larger forces at work in this life and world.

And the Serenity Prayer is all about that kind of action and acceptance, too: “the courage to change the things [you] can” and the wisdom to accept whatever you can’t change—the things larger than you. Also to seek the serenity that comes with this acceptance!

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Here are some recent decorative throw pillows and magnets I made with views of ocean and sea waves and sand from the beach and the famous inspirational first stanza quote of the Serenity Prayer, and more about seas and beaches below.

Here’s one of my favorite images, with seagulls flowing over a beach with relatively calm waters at sunrise, on a flexible photo magnet.

Inspirational photo fridge magnet with seagulls flying over calm ocean waters by the beach
Seagulls flying over a beach and calm ocean waters,
inspirational fridge magnet (affiliate image link)

And here’s an equally amazing image of pristine blue turquoise sea water and white sands, on a decorative pillow. The back has the same image and motivational quote as the front. Note that the text is much crisper on the actual pillow.

Throw cushion with blue sea or ocean waters, fine white sand, and the motivational recovery slogan about serenity
Clear blue sea water gently meeting fine white sands,
custom throw pillow with the Serenity Prayer
(affiliate image link)

And now again that inspirational sunrise at the beach, with a row of seagulls flying up in the skies, also on a throw cushion.

Decorative cushion with an inspirational seascape photo and quote with a sunrise at the beach, with birds and calm ocean waters
Flock of birds over calm ocean waves, inspirational image
and serenity quote decorative cushion (affiliate image link)

I also have a second stunning photo of a sunrise or sunset at the beach, this time with orange skies and light. I featured it on both a fridge magnet and throw pillow.

Photo magnet with a rising or setting sun at the beach, orange light, and motivational words about courage, change, and wisdom.
Serenity Prayer magnet, orange sunrise or sunset at the beach
custom photo magnet (affiliate image link)
Throw pillow with a sunrise or sunset seascape and an inspirational recovery slogan about courage, change, acceptance, and wisdom
Sun rising or setting at the beach, orange light,
motivational wisdom quote throw pillow (affiliate image link)

And now a few other decorative pillows and flexible photo magnets with a few choice images of ocean or sea waters, sand, and skies at the beach.

Tranquil ocean waters, fine white sands, clouds in the sky, recovery quote magnet
Calm ocean waters at the beach, cumulus clouds in the sky,
custom photo magnet with an inspirational slogan (affiliate image link)
Decorative cushion with a photo of cumulus clouds at the beach, calm ocean, and fine white sands
Throw cushion with a motivational serenity quote
on a photo of cloudy skies
over tranquil ocean waters (affiliate image link)

And now the first image again, collaged twice on a decorative cushion case, since the original image wasn’t large enough to print on such a pillow (but then I like the result better anyway in this instance). By the way, please note that the above designs come not only with a pillow case but also with the cushion itself.

Turquoise ocean waves, breaking into gentle surf on the sand, decorative cushion with the Serenity Prayer
Turquoise ocean waters at the beach, throw pillow
with an inspirational slogan (affiliate image link)

I have two more photo pillow and magnet designs with seascapes, one with choppy waves and another with super calm and clear waters rolling onto fine white sand. And then I have more of these images and some of the ones above on a few other flexible photo magnets.

Choppy ocean or sea waters breaking into white foam on the sand, photo cushion with motivational words
Rather rough ocean or sea waves breaking into white surf
on the beach, decorative cushion with inspirational words
(affiliate image link)
Photo cushion with a motivational wisdom slogan and a pristine island beach, with clear shallow ocean waters and fine white sands
Clear turquoise green ocean waters rolling onto a pristine beach,
photo cushion with motivational wisdom slogan
(affiliate image link)

I can’t imagine the joy of having a pristine island beach to yourself! The closest I’ve been to something like that was on the Greek island on Thassos, but it wasn’t anything like the above view from a tropical island. Thassos is, of course, surrounded by beaches on all sides, so there was room for everybody, but there were still up to twenty people on the beach even in the secluded spot we found, and there were also restaurants. The latter were really nice, because we kept ordering snacks to eat on the beach, but they did interfere a little with the enjoyment of the sounds of the Mediterranean sea and winds. The sea, however, was super clear and it was a joy to swim in it. I also appreciated that it didn’t go abruptly very deep, as it now happens in Romania at Mamaia, where they rehabilitated and extended the beaches. Hopefully they’ll do a better job in the other Romanian resorts at the Black Sea, if they haven’t already. This is phase II of a project aiming to counteract the coastal erosion at the Romanian Black Sea and create 200 more hectares of sand. All in all, this project cost one billion euros.

The paragraph above just made me want to go to the beach right now. Too early though, even though here in Romania the season technically opens with the mini vacation of 1 May. But the temperatures are not there yet. Right now there are 16°C in Mamaia (61°F).

Back to more magnets. I love these thin, high-quality flexible fridge magnets, and am happy Zazzle offers them once again (they appeared to have a glitch with the vendor of these customizable items for a while).

Flexible photo magnet with the Serenity Prayer quote and turquoise ocean waves at the beach
Serenity Prayer magnet, turquoise ocean waves rolling onto sand,
custom photo magnet (affiliate image link)
Choppy ocean or sea waters fridge magnet with the "God grant me the serenity to accept" quote
Choppy waves seascape on a flexible fridge magnet
with the Serenity Prayer (affiliate image link)
Pristine blue ocean or sea waters rolling onto fine white sands, fridge magnet with the courage to change things and wisdom to accept quote
Pristine beach with calm, clear blue water and fine white sands,
inspirational quote custom photo magnet (affiliate image link)
Pristine tropical island sea waters and sand view, fridge magnet with the "Lord, grant me the serenity" 12-steps recovery quote
Pristine beachscape with shallow turquoise ocean waters
and fine sands, fridge magnet with a motivational quote
(affiliate image link)

I hope you enjoyed today’s presentation. I’d appreciate a pin or share if you found any photo magnets or decorative pillows to your liking.

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira


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