Finding Ways to Keep the Serenity Prayer Close

I don’t want to strike a sad note, but life comes in a package with suffering, and no matter how we may cheat suffering when we’re young, it eventually catches up with us. And these pandemic times have been especially heavy. Hopefully 2022 and the years to come will be much better!

But we struggle with so much more than the pandemic, as life follows its course and dear ones are aging, getting sick, and dying. Then other family and friends are struggling with addictions of various kinds, including the seemingly more innocuous one of “slight” alcoholism. Which is why even before the pandemic I created a series of cards, magnets, keychains, mousepads, ornaments, posters, and picture frames, among other things, with the Serenity Prayer, which, if you recall, goes like this:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.”

Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links. I am a Zazzle Associate and designer, and I earn commissions when you buy products through my referral links, at no additional cost to you. All affiliate links on this blog are identified as such. Here’s my Full Disclosure.

Flexible magnet with the Serenity Prayer and a photo of ocean waves rolling onto the beach
Photo magnet with the Serenity Prayer and a beach scene
with ocean waves rolling onto the sand (affiliate image link)
Greeting card with a photo of a sunrise at the beach, over the ocean, and the words, "God, grant me the serenity to accept..."
Greeting card with the Serenity Prayer
and a sunrise landscape at the beach (affiliate image link)
Serenity Prayer poster with a forest scene in fall/autumn
Serenity Prayer poster with a scene from a forest in fall, with light
filtering through the leaves of conifers (affiliate image link)
Forest in autumn, with orange and red leaves, and the Serenity Prayer to one side.
Forest in fall, with orange and red leaves and the Serenity Prayer (affiliate image link)

They say there’s no such thing as a mug for left-handed people, but the one above is just that, in memory of a dear friend of mine. You can see the words about serenity, courage, and wisdom only if you hold the mug in your left hand.

Here are also some flexible magnets for spring, summer, and fall.

Photo magnet with the Serenity Prayer, snowy mountains and pink flowers on a meadow in early spring
The Serenity Prayer on an early spring landscape
in the mountains (affiliate image link)
Custom photo magnet with crocus flowers on a hillside and the Serenity Prayer
Flexible photo magnet with a reminder of taking action
when needed and accepting when necessary, and a spring landscape
(yellow and purple crocus flowers)
(affiliate image link)
Photo magnet with a summer sunrise at the beach and the Serenity Prayer
Sunrise at the beach, flexible photo magnet with
a message about taking courage, acting, and accepting
(affiliate image link)
Photo magnet with an autumnal landscape with turning leaves and words of serenity, courage, and wisdom
Photo magnet with words about Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom
and a picturesque forest path in the fall
with green, yellow, and reddish leaves (affiliate image link)

I made a magnetic photo frame with part of the above forest in fall image too. Picture frames were suggested by another dear friend of mine. If you, too, have ideas for other types of custom-made products you would like with the Serenity Prayer, just let me know, and I’ll see if they are available, and create a few designs for you to choose from.

"God, grant me the serenity" + courage and wisdom, on the picturesque backdrop of a forest with autumnal colors
Magnetic picture frame with the Serenity Prayer
on the background of a forest in autumn (affiliate image link)

And now back to the beach with a mousepad, which is a useful product and one that may remind you, perhaps, not only of the courage to move on, but also of the fact of one or two things you may want to change away from the computer.

Mousepad with a beach photo with small ocean waves and words of serenity, courage, and wisdom
Words about Serenity, Courage to Change, and Wisdom to Know,
on the backdrop of a beach scene with small ocean waves rolling onto the sand
(affiliate image link)

For those of you who like mountains, here’s an ornament. It has the same image of both sides and the inspirational quote on the front only.

Serenity, courage, wisdom quote on the background of snowy mountain sides and a log cabin
Snow-capped mountains, a log cabin, and words about doing what can be done
and accepting the rest (affiliate image link)

And a mug with these inspirational words. I really like the landscape on it, with the boats on a clear mountain lake, suggestive, perhaps, of the clarity we often gain after much struggle. This one, again, is for a leftie. I have a soft spot for them. But it can also be used by a right-handed person, since there’s a great mountain landscape to look at from that angle.

Mug with a mountain lake and the beginning of the Serenity Prayer, for a left-handed person
Mug with a mountain lake with clear waters and the resonant words of the Serenity Prayer

But here’s a version for a right-handed person, should you want one with the motivational words on the right.

Mug with the clear waters of a mountain lake and motivational words on serenity to accept, courage to change, and the wisdom to choose between the two

What else? Keychains! I have some of those too. They are a good way to be reminded of a good way to motivate yourself or someone else to get out of a slump.

Keychain with a forest landscape in autumn and the beginning of the Serenity Prayer
Keychain with the picturesque scenery of a forest in fall, and with wise words on serenity, courage,
and the wisdom to know when one or the other is called for (affiliate image link)

Should you prefer the beauty of flowers in spring, I have a few things like that too. Here’s a lumbar pillow with the white and pink blooms of a decorative tree on the front and the inspirational words on serenity and courage, and the wisdom to discern when each is appropriate, on the back.

Throw pillow with tree flowers on the front and inspirational words on serenity, courage, and much-needed wisdom on the back
Comfy lumbar pillow with the beautiful spring blooms of a decorative tree
and the Serenity Prayer (affiliate image link)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation.

Thank you for visiting, and please pin or share if you found anything useful.

To a happier, healthier life,

🙂 Mira

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